Butterfly Cards

This set of 4 hand-made butterfly cards are blank inside and available at my Etsy shop, Cards for Cockayne Syndrome.

All proceeds are sent to Children’s Hospital, Boston, where Dr. Edward Neilan and his team are working toward a treatment for CS.

I just got this nifty stamp from Office Max to stamp the backs of the cards.  This way, the receiver of the card can be directed to the shop.  If they’re interested,  this will raise even more awareness!

Hope you have a great weekend!





Cards Using Kid’s Spin Art

Much like the cards I posted recently using my kid’s leftover paint pallettes, these cards were made with their spin art.

They looooooove spin art and want to make it all the time.

I used the same punches but I used metallic gold paper for the butterflies this time. The words and phrases from newspapers are a little more abstract this time, but I still like them. 

These cards will be listed on my new Etsy shop for Cockayne Syndrome  by the end of the week. Hope you like them!