Wall Art with Fiber Paste, Stamps, and Paint

Instead of sketching a design, I’ll often cut out paper and play around with the pieces until I like the composition.

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to rid my home of mass produced art, I made this simple wall art for my downstairs powder room.  The more I put original art in my home, the more I like it!

I started with a framed canvas, 24″ x 20″ .  I brushed some acrylic paint over it, keeping it darker toward the bottom third.

When the paint was dry I brushed a thick layer of fiber paste all over the canvas and then ‘sketched’ the stem and leaves with the handle of the paintbrush.

I used some butterfly rubber stamps and stamped them carefully, right into the wet paste.

After the paste was dry I took some acrylic paint and added color.


I sponged around the edges with watered-down paint (raw sienna).  FYI~ The fiber paste ruins the sponge!

And here’s my new piece of wall art for my powder room! I’m moving most of my home decor into a more neutral direction.

Thanks for stopping by to see my project, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Altered Travel Folder

I took a plain manila folder and altered it for our upcoming trip.  I’m taking Knox to the UK f0r an annual retreat held for families with children affected by Cockayne Syndrome.  This will be our first time to attend the conference. It’s going to be a special trip so I want everything to be memorable.  I already made a cool butterfly luggage tag for my bag.

I’ll put the hard copies of our flight information, itinerary, etc. in this folder.

Here are some photos of the process…


The butterfly is the symbol for children with Cockayne Sydrome.





Can’t wait for our trip! We’re so excited to meet and hug our many new friends.

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

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Miniature Hot-Air Balloon Christmas Ornament (#2)

This hot-air balloon started with an old tennis ball from the garage.

And this bottle cap.

I wrapped the tennis ball in some white cotton cloth and tied it with a rubber band.

Then I painted it all over with silver glitter paint.

Next, I covered it with some blue netting, procured from a bag of onions.

A small eye hook screws easily through the fabric and into the tennis ball giving it a firm hanger.

Inspiration for this ornament came from my sketch book.

I sketched lots of designs for balloon ornaments, but this was one of my favorites.

It’s Thumbelina.

Having put the unfortunate incidents with the Toad and the Mole behind her, she devotes herself to giving joy and happiness to the small creatures who helped secure her freedom.

Or something like that.  :)


I sculpted Thumbelina (she’s very tiny, only an inch tall!) out of Paper Clay since it dries very light-weight.

I hot-glued her into the bottle-cap,which I painted with the silver glitter paint. I also punched 4 holes in the  cap with a paper piercer to thread the twine through and attach it to the netting of the balloon, just like the first balloon I made.

I hot-glued the tiny candy canes from the last post into the bottle cap.

I painted Thumbelina with some blue pearl acrylic paint, and painted her hair with gold and silver glitter paint.

Some red-berries were glued onto the front of the balloon for more color, and a red bow was glued in her hair.

I also glued one tiny candy cane into her outstretched hand.

Finally, I glued on the word ‘give’ to the front of the ‘basket’.  It’s a little reminder that even the smallest gifts, when given in love, bring happiness to those around us.

Have a blessed week, friends, and thank you so much for stopping by.

It’s only 12 more days until Christmas!

Starting A Memory Album

I love Knox so much.

Losing him doesn’t seem possible…

He had his first ear infection last week but he’s feeling better now.  His intake went critically low, but he managed to stay hydrated and has managed to take in almost 11 ounces of Pediasure today on his own.

I realized this last week that I needed to begin his memory album.

And I’m really not sure if I’ll be capable of doing it after he’s gone.

So I went to the local scrapbook store in search of some special supplies for this album, but all I came home with was some black and white tape.

None of the stuff seemed right.

None of the baby papers seemed to fit, and none of the stickers had the right words.

Maybe because none of the stuff is made for my baby.

So I got home and drew…




The album I’m using is 8″ x 8″, so I had to cut down the drawing a bit.

A newly opened rose, and many winged friends coming to see the new baby.

A perfect boy with heart-shaped lips has been born.

It’s the beginning of a beautiful life…

I added some more butterflies into the picture, mounted on foam tape, and also went over all the pencil lines with a ZIG .03 pen.

The dotted tape is from  SMASH and the sheet music tissue tape is from Tim Holz.


The first page is done and I’m glad I’ve gotten started.

I know it’s not sophisticated or fancy, but it’s what felt right.

This week my young artist will be illustrating poetry.

This is something we’re trying for the first time so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Thanks for stopping by ~