Happy Sweet Sixteen

Here she was at 2 and a half.

She had had brain surgery at 18 months to remove a large tumor in the back of her brain, and began chemotherapy treatments for 2 additional tumors on her spine around the same time.

Her diagnosis was ‘medulloblastoma’ , a childhood brain cancer that has a nasty way of spreading to other parts of the body and causing an early death.  They told us back then she had a 50 percent chance of surviving to the age of 5.

We celebrate tomorrow as she turns 16!!

There  are no words to describe how I feel when I look at her photos from those ‘treatment days.”   I cry with relief as I reflect how close we came to losing her.  I cry with happiness at how beautiful and healthy she is now.  What a blessing it is to have a happy ending!
Happy Sweet Sixteen, Madelaine!!! We love you!!