Red Bird, Blue Rain

DSCF4006Loosely apply thick acrylic paint to glass and then lay on top of Bristol paper. This paper is 11″ x 14″.

Gently lift glass and let paint dry.

Repeat printing with cloud designs two more times.  Cut smaller clouds from the re-prints, arrange them on top and adhere to paper with 3D mounting tape.  Print and cut out a yellow sun and red bird and add with permanent adhesive.DSCF4007 DSCF4025 DSCF4023


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~Scarlettred bird, blue rain

Watercolor Butterflies with Crayon Resist


After looking at some pictures of butterflies and different vein patterns, my young artists created their own beautiful butterflies.  This is a great project for elementary children.  For reluctant drawers, I cut out a few stencils to use as a pattern. (FREE pattern below)

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What you need:

White Cardstock

Black Cardstock (heavy weight)

Black crayons, White crayons

Watercolors, Cups, Brushes

Glue and Scissors

Butterfly patterns (optional)




Here’s the FREE butterfly pattern:
butterfly pattern 1
Written instructions follow the photos, thanks for looking at this project. Happy painting!


This butterfly is a different pattern. I made 3 different samples for them to look at.DSCF0750


DSCF0770 DSCF0773 DSCF0778 DSCF0794 DSCF0799

buttefly project bbutterfly watercolor 1

Little Turtle With Pink Flower Shell

Here’s the cute turtle I painted for sweet Miss B., a little girl with Cockayne Syndrome here in the USA.  Her mom told me she likes pink and cheetah print, so I designed a little turtle just for her.

I always think of Knox when I see baby turtles.  This is an example of where art truly is medicine. It was a joy to paint something for someone else, with happy memories in my heart.

I started off with a crisp white 6″ x 6″ wrapped canvas.  I buy them at Michael’s, using my weekly email coupon.  I loosely sketched the design onto the cavas with a pencil…

Then I began to paint the design using my favorite Golden acrylic paints. I buy these at Michael’s, too.  Yep, with the coupons.

Even the palette looks pretty to me when I use these bright colors!

Then I added details with fine tip pens. I’m trying out this set from Faber-Castell. I usually use ZIG pens, but I wore my set out after extended use, and I had this other set on hand.  I especially like the brush pen for lettering.


Adding in more color with paint…

Painting tiny cheetah print…

FInishing touches with the brush pen…

The cutest little turtle for one of the cutest little girls ever…

Love you Princess B., hugs and kisses from Texas!



(Knox’s mom)

Girl with Kites

Just playing around with some of my paint cards from Home Depot.  I’m trying to come up with some new designs for a mosaic.

By the time I finished this, I decided it would be better as a painting. Or maybe a design for cards?


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