Shepherd Unafraid



I found this 8″ x 10″ burlap stretched onto a wooden frame at Hobby Lobby.

Using acrylics, watercolors, and embroidery thread, I created this scene of an angel showering the earth with stars, announcing the birth of the Savior.   One shepherd drops in fear, hiding his face;  the other is unafraid, eager to reach up and receive a divine message.  While working on this piece, I continually asked, ‘Which one am I?”

Thanks for taking the time to look at my art and have a blessed weekend. ~Scarlett  DSCF4217 DSCF4230

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Sheperd 2

Christmas Card-“The Gospel According to John”

This photo of my oldest and youngest child has a “Madonna and Child” look about it that I like.  The photo itself is grainy because of the high ISO setting in the dimly lit hospital room, so I decided to use it as a template for a Christmas card.

First I cut out the general shape in some decorative paper, and then I cut up the photo into sections to use as templates for the details of the picture.

And I had to take a break at this point to do bedtime routine with my dumplings, but I worked some more on it at night.  These next three  pictures aren’t great, but I’ll post them anyway just to show you how it came together.

At first I tried sheet music as the background but I decided on a dark brown circle card instead. Then I added a smaller circle of coordinating paper to frame Mary’s head.

I have a lot of bibles that have fallen into disrepair so I pulled one of my smaller texts out and found the title page for the book of John to paste on. I also cut out “swaddling clothes” from the first page of John: “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14)

I wound up using the sheet music to make a double-layer star topped with a gold sequin, all mounted on a 3D dot.

I put the finishing touches on it this morning–some prisma-glitter on Mary’s clothing and a bit of distressing ink here and there.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week full of Christmas cheer! We’re eating way too many sweets and watching too many movies over here!  haha! Oh well.  It’s only once a year.

God bless you and your family as we head into the final week before Christmas.  ♥


“The Symbol of St. Patrick”

Here’s my piece that I contributed to the HCBC Art Exhibit entitled “Three in One.”  I took a few pictures (not very good ones, unfortunately) while I was making it…

First I formed the leaves and stem of the shamrock, and the decorative braids out of paper clay.  It is lightweight, fast-drying, and very easy to work with.

I painted them with several layers of green acrylic paint, mixed with glaze.

Then I painted the background with acrylics on a piece of 12″x12″ canvas board. 

Next, I aged a piece of scripture about Christ’s baptism (from Matthew).   I chose this passage because all three persons of the Godhead are present in the scene: the Son is being baptized, the Father’s voice is heard, and the Holy Spirit descends as a dove. I mounted it with dimensional tape, along with a gold coin I had.  The man on the horse represents St. Patrick riding to preach the gospel.

I finished painting the shamrock pieces and braids and glued them onto the board.

At this point, I decided it needed more green overall, so I added the green borders to the top and bottom.

I found some pretty beaded ivory ribbon, and then braided some different fibers to create a colorful band to pair with it.  They were stretched and glued on top of the green borders.

Finally, I bought a shadow box frame at Hobby Lobby to put the piece in.



 The Symbol of St. Patrick

Mixed-Media in a shadow-box frame.

Artist’s Interpretation:

 Holding up a shamrock, St. Patrick is said to have asked his hearers, “Is it one leaf or three?”

They would reply, “It is both one leaf, and three.”

“So it is with God,” he explained.

The hand-sculpted shamrock is paired with an aged piece of text from Christ’s baptism (Matthew 3:15-17) which mentions the presence of all three persons of the Godhead.

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