A Peek Into Narnia



One of the things we love about the Narnia series is the magical wardrobe. Throughout the stories, Lewis is asking us to consider that reality includes more than what we see in our daily lives. The conversation the Pevensie children have with the Professor is revealing. Their younger sister, Lucy, insists that she has discovered another world and her siblings find it hard to believe…

How do you know your sister’s story is not true?” the Professor asks them.

“Why don’t they teach logic at these schools? There are only three possibilities. Either your sister is telling lies, or she is mad, or she is telling the truth. You know she doesn’t tell lies, and it is obvious that she is not mad. For the moment then, and unless any further evidence turns up, we must assume that she is telling the truth.”

Of course, Lewis used this same logical reasoning to argue for the truth of Christianity in many of his literary works.  He hadn’t found any evidence to suggest that the person called Jesus of Nazareth was a liar or a lunatic. At the age of 32, he became convinced that Jesus’ claims about this life and the next were true and became “the most reluctant convert it all of England”. If you’re interested, you can read more about his life here.


I found this used jewelry box at Good Will for $3. It reminded me of a wardrobe, so I set out to create a peek into Narnia!

The background was painted with acrylics mixed with gel medium for better blending.IMG_6683



I painted the trees with artificial snow from Hobby Lobby. This scene needs to look wintery!


Next, I flocked miniature pine trees using a spray adhesive (sprayed outside) and then rolling them in artificial snow to coat.



Glued the trees in with the hot glue gun and cut two small hills out of styrofoam so the ground wasn’t so flat.


These tiny .05 mm acrylic stones added frosty sparkle!


A map of Narnia was printed from my computer and trimmed to fit inside the door frames.


And these wood cutouts added a whimsical look to the corners.


Using brad rings and two snowflake charms, I created handles for the doors.

narnia 2

Covered the bottom of the scene with an artificial blanket of snow and then glued more powdered snow over it. On the inside of the doors I adhered photos of fur coats, covered with translucent vellum.

Found a Victorian style lamp post on Amazon!




The lovely music accompanying this post is “The Wardrobe” by Harry Gregson-Williams.

Thanks for stopping by to look inside the wardrobe! Have a blessed week ~Scarlett

narnia 3

Tidings of Joy 6″x6″ Canvas

My first Christmas project of the year!

I sculpted two angel wings out of Sculpey UltraLight clay.  Then I took a 6″x6″ canvas and covered it with fiber paste just like I did with  these smaller canvases.  I pressed the words “Tidings of Joy” into the paste while it was still wet and flattened them with my fingers.

After the paste was dry, I glued on the angel wings.

Added some red berries, ribbon, and white tulle at the top.  I also dabbed some glue on the wings and sprinkled them with prisma glitter.

This Christmas canvas was made especially for one of Knox’s therapists. I hope she likes it!


Be sure and check out the two sets of Christmas cards I just added to Knox’s shop. All proceeds from his store go to Cockayne Syndrome research.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

Music selection:  From the “Hamlet’ film score, “What Players Are They”,  by Patrick Doyle

Miniature Hot-Air Balloon Christmas Ornament (#2)

This hot-air balloon started with an old tennis ball from the garage.

And this bottle cap.

I wrapped the tennis ball in some white cotton cloth and tied it with a rubber band.

Then I painted it all over with silver glitter paint.

Next, I covered it with some blue netting, procured from a bag of onions.

A small eye hook screws easily through the fabric and into the tennis ball giving it a firm hanger.

Inspiration for this ornament came from my sketch book.

I sketched lots of designs for balloon ornaments, but this was one of my favorites.

It’s Thumbelina.

Having put the unfortunate incidents with the Toad and the Mole behind her, she devotes herself to giving joy and happiness to the small creatures who helped secure her freedom.

Or something like that.  :)


I sculpted Thumbelina (she’s very tiny, only an inch tall!) out of Paper Clay since it dries very light-weight.

I hot-glued her into the bottle-cap,which I painted with the silver glitter paint. I also punched 4 holes in the  cap with a paper piercer to thread the twine through and attach it to the netting of the balloon, just like the first balloon I made.

I hot-glued the tiny candy canes from the last post into the bottle cap.

I painted Thumbelina with some blue pearl acrylic paint, and painted her hair with gold and silver glitter paint.

Some red-berries were glued onto the front of the balloon for more color, and a red bow was glued in her hair.

I also glued one tiny candy cane into her outstretched hand.

Finally, I glued on the word ‘give’ to the front of the ‘basket’.  It’s a little reminder that even the smallest gifts, when given in love, bring happiness to those around us.

Have a blessed week, friends, and thank you so much for stopping by.

It’s only 12 more days until Christmas!

Mixed-Media Christmas Cards Using Photos of Children

These are two of my favorite Christmas cards that I’ve made for Christmases past.  It was one of those rare times where I was able to create the exact thing (well, pretty close) that I saw in my head. For this first one I used one of my art “models” from a bridal magazine for Mary and then used a color copy of my baby boy to be baby Jesus in her arms.  I enlarged an old page of Bible text from Luke 2 for the background.  I used some sequins to dress up her wings and a “Love” sequin for her to hold across him, and a gold star for his head.

A few of the sequins have fallen off, but I still love to look at it.  I only made a handful for my artsy friends who I knew would appreciate them, and of course, I kept one for baby’s album.

Another of my favorite hand-made cards was also made using color copies of my little boy, along with his sisters.  This card was inspired by Giotto’s frescoes–you’ve probably seen the ones, where the little angels flying through space are just heads with wings?

Little baby Jesus is all wrapped up and snug in his swaddling clothes, and the angels are joyfully adoring him.

As for this year’s card, I’m drawing a blank so far.  Either I have an epiphany of what I want to create, or I don’t make anything at all, which is what happened last year.  Hopefully, inspiration will hit soon!