Red Poppies, Art for Medical Research


I’m honored to present this lovely painting of brilliant red poppies by Austin based artist, Katrina King.

This lovely piece is painted on an 8″x8″ gesso board and is ready to brighten up your day!

Many thanks for Katrina for donating this original artwork to Knox’s shop for CS research. All proceeds from the Etsy shop go to research for Cockayne Syndrome.

You can read about my little boy, Knox, who had CS here.

DSCF5299 DSCF5306 K King 1

To purchase this gorgeous painting please click over to the shop! All proceeds from this shop go to medical research  for Cockayne Syndrome– a rare genetic disease causing premature aging in children.


Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!  ~Scarlett

Singing Owls

These card designs are all hand-cut using some of the super-awesome paper in the KC Company’s Que Sera Sera pack. The changing seasons always put me in the mood for cutesy things like this.   These owls are enjoying the moonrise from their respective tree tops and singing sweetly in the night.  :)

We have a great horned owl that lives around here by our house and I can hear him once in a while–love the sound.

All my hand made card sets are for sale on my Etsy shop for CS research. I send the profits to Boston Children’s Hospital, where they’re working on a treatment for Cockayne Syndrome.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. As you probably can guess, we’re hoping for a fire free weekend here in Texas!


This is one of my favorite pictures because it’s a picture of LOVE.

Knox, on the right, is my special little angel with Cockayne Syndrome. Currently, there are about a dozen children with his type of CS in the United States.

His big brother adores him and wants his picture taken with him all the time.  He doesn’t see the “look” of CS in his baby brother’s face.  He doesn’t notice that Knox is different in any way.

Watching my big boy love on his special brother makes me want to embrace others with differences the way he does.

I haven’t been making much this week.  Knox is not eating well and I’m devoting most of my waking hours to keeping him off of a feeding tube.  Hopefully, he’ll get his appetite back soon.

My kids have been making a puppet theater out of cardboard boxes these last few days. It’s turning out pretty cool so I’ll be sharing photos of that soon.

Have a blessed week. ~Scarlett

Butterfly Cards

This set of 4 hand-made butterfly cards are blank inside and available at my Etsy shop, Cards for Cockayne Syndrome.

All proceeds are sent to Children’s Hospital, Boston, where Dr. Edward Neilan and his team are working toward a treatment for CS.

I just got this nifty stamp from Office Max to stamp the backs of the cards.  This way, the receiver of the card can be directed to the shop.  If they’re interested,  this will raise even more awareness!

Hope you have a great weekend!