Baby Turtle and the IKEA Lamp


Another custom baby turtle painting finished for a special little boy in Wales, UK.

This colorful canvas if for a little boy who reminds me so much of my Knox, that my heart jumps with joy every time I see his photo on Facebook.  He could be Knox’s twin!  He’s so precious and happens to have a favorite lamp from IKEA that he loves to knock over again and again!

I hope you like your painting, Danny!  With all my love ~Knox’s Mom


DSCF4503 DSCF4505





D. and his lampturtle and lamp 1

Sweet Success


Tea Time Room 1

 When we found out we would be moving back to Texas after only one year in Seattle, we were both excited and disappointed at the same time.  We had made some friends, bought a house, and had finally gotten used to the rain!  One of us, in particular, was very unhappy at the prospect of leaving her pretty new room after only 3 months.

 When we bought our house in Snohomish, WA, one of the upstairs rooms was the most perfect little girl’s room ever.  All of the walls had custom decorative paintings that were so cute! The little one who had been residing in all this custom splendor asked if she could “please bwing my woom back to Tetsis?” Now, what would you do with those big  chocolate-brown eyes staring up at you? Well, I did what any mother with any degree of artistic talent would do.  I promised her right then and there that when we finally got settled in another house I would paint her new room just like the one she had to leave, or better. 

I took snapshots of all the paintings in her room so that I could reproduce them when we finally got settled back in Texas. I’m happy to say that she was quite happy with the copies, even going so far as to request cherries on the tops of all the cakes-she had remembered the “or better” part very well :)

Tea Time Room 2

Tea Time Room 3

Tea Time Room 4

 These decorations were so fun to paint!  My daughter has a sweet tooth (just like her mother) so these cakes were perfect for her.  You can’t tell from these photos, but the cakes have an acrylic sparkle glaze applied to the frosting and the roses so they look glittery when the sunlight pours into her room in the afternoons.  My girly-girl also requested big flowers along with another stack of presents.

Tea Time Room 5

Tea Time Room 6

So that’s how I “moved” her room from WA to TX.  I’d say it was a sweet success!

Tea Time Room 9

Painting for my Art Niche

Art Niche

I’ve had this up on my FB, but I wanted to go ahead and post it here on the blog.  This is a recent painting I did in our downstairs art niche.  The niche is in a small hallway and the landscape really opens up the space.  This painting was done right on the wall surface using only acrylic paint and glaze.

Art Niche 2