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Baby Turtle and the IKEA Lamp

Another custom baby turtle painting finished for a special little boy in Wales, UK. This colorful canvas if for a little boy who reminds me so much of my Knox, that my heart jumps with joy every time I see his photo on Facebook.  He could be Knox’s twin!  He’s […]


Sweet Success

   When we found out we would be moving back to Texas after only one year in Seattle, we were both excited and disappointed at the same time.  We had made some friends, bought a house, and had finally gotten used to the rain!  One of us, in particular, was […]


Painting for my Art Niche

I’ve had this up on my FB, but I wanted to go ahead and post it here on the blog.  This is a recent painting I did in our downstairs art niche.  The niche is in a small hallway and the landscape really opens up the space.  This painting was […]