“Victorian House 101″ Mixed-Media Piece for Somerset Studio

This was my first submission to get published in Somerset Studio.  I lost count of how many rejections came before this. A LOT.  If you’re submitting artwork to a publication these days, be patient and keep on trying!

The lid comes off and the insert pulls out.  There are three panels decorated with a different Victorian houses on both sides. Each house features a specific architectural detail specific to Victorian houses, and the date they came into fashion.

The gingerbread panel features a tab that lifts up to reveal another house.  The architecture is highlighted on these prints with Prismacolor pencils.

Oh, how I love big front porches!

Also in the box are these little “extras”.  One is a tag featuring a labeled illustration- “Victorian House School”. The other is a small envelope, with another house picture, and a description of how elaborately decorated Victorian houses were.

Another architectural detail on the back of the tag…

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer look!

Homemade Baby Mobile

Last week my baby’s eyes were born anew and he began to see for the first time!  After double cataract surgeries, in which his lenses were permanently removed,  he was fitted with tiny contact lenses which will serve as his eyes for now.

Now that he is beginning to see the world around him, we decided that he needed some visual stimulation! We set to work with four coat hangers, blue duct tape, and a myriad of craft materials to make an optically enticing mobile just for him.  Here’s some pics of the project…









More Silhouette Valentines

I found some perfect silhouette’s for making Valentine’s cards! Victoria magazine has several templates on their site right now that you can download and print to make “Cameo Valentines”.   They inspired me to make some more…

I love this glitter paper! It makes any paper project look so pretty!