“You Knock My Socks Off”- Recycled Sweater Valentines

I love all the cute boot socks available these days, especially the ones with sweet crochet trim around the edges. I decided to make some small Valentine’s Day cards with some tiny boot socks by recycling a soft, pink sweater.

dscf5975 dscf5959

Found these lovely crochet trims on the clearance aisle!
dscf5962 dscf5966 dscf6050 dscf5969 dscf5970


dscf5984 dscf5986


Added some tiny seed beads to the center of paper flowers.dscf6001
dscf6011 tiny-socks-1


Wherever you are, hope you’re staying warm, donning your cutest pair of boot socks! You can like my FB page and see daily art related postings over there.

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Upcycled Paper Rolls~ Napkin Ring and Place Card

I’m in no shortage of these at my house so when I saw Somerset Life’s ‘Paper Roll’ challenge I thought I’d give it a try.

And lest you think all rolls are created equal, I have to show you the difference.

The sturdier tube on the right is Charmin.

(Isn’t it funny how we buy the same brand of bathroom tissue we were ‘raised’ on?)

Someone in my house buys whatever’s on sale. That’s the roll on the left.

Big difference.

I used my preferred rolls to make a  butterfly napkin ring and place card set.

The napkin ring is half a tube covered with paper and a scalloped book page.  Then I cut a measured strip of coordinating paper and stamped it with a butterfly in the middle.

Then I cut around the wings with my swivel x-acto knife…

The place card was made by flattening 2/3  of a tube and cutting along one side…



Wouldn’t these be cute at a little girl’s tea party?


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Knox and I will be leaving for the UK in only 4 more days! I’m so excited!  I’ll be getting some pink streaks in my hair for the trip and Knox will be donning some ultra cool adventure hair as well.  Photos to come!

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Simple Easter Tags with Marjolein Bastin Stickers

I made these Easter tags for Knox’s therapists.  They are all so kind and caring and we appreciate them so much.  Right now he has an OT (occupational therapist), a VI (vision therapist), an AI (hearing therapist), an OM (orientation and mobility), and a PT (physical therapist).  Wonderful ladies!

Marjolein Bastien is one of my favorite artists.  When I saw these M.B. stickers I knew they would make super sweet tags.

I kept them simple, covering shipping tags in pastel papers and using scallop scissors and punches.  The stickers are so beautiful all by themselves, I didn’t need to do much.



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Super Art Friday-Owl Valentine’s

This week’s art affair was ‘owl’ about having fun!

We were in the craft store yesterday and saw owl themed Valentine’s stuff everywhere.

I got home and  designed this simple pattern so we could make some owls of our own.

You’re welcome to borrow this pattern, and please link back if you make some cards with it, I’d love to see them.

I made the pattern so that the smaller sized hearts can be made using a 1″ heart punch and a 1/2″ heart punch, if you have them.

I gathered some card making supplies and invited some artistic friends to join us…

I set out stamps and punched hearts ahead of time.  Punching ahead makes it easier for the little people.

Here are some of my favorites from today…

This first one was made by my friend’s daughter. She has such an eye for card making!

She gets it from her extremely talented mom, who made this one…

My daughter made this one using a flower stamp sideways for a tree branch-so creative!

I made this one experimenting with different colored papers and folding the wing over so that the owl can ‘hold’ something lik e a balloon…

Or a kite…

And this one with some funky colors and patterns, holding a little flag..

I made this one using only paper that I found in the trash can!

Love the mixed-media look of this one my friend made–the different patterns look cool.

Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me! This was a fun way to get some cute cards made and have a fun time with friends.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by!