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Polyvore Collage

Message to Self

My trip to the UK is just one month away and I’m thinking about pink hair.  Pretty cotton candy pink.  Feminine and fun. Happy hair for an over-sea adventure. I’ve been inspired by the lovely Daniele over at Creating Learning Flying to start expressing myself a bit more on the […]

Polyvore Collage

Watch Out, Thumbelina!

Not much time for art this weekend, but I did manage to play on Polyvore for a few minutes. My neighbor recently gave me some walnut shells which are perfectly cracked in half, thanks to her pet scarlet macaw. I’ve been having fun trying to come up with projects using […]

Mixed-Media Art

Banner Envy

I’ve been looking at blog banners today, or I guess I should say this morning, since it’s 1 a.m. Wow!! Some of them are so fun and creative! I love the metallic shimmer this one has, the rich elegance of this one, the warm photography of this one, and the […]