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 I’m thrilled to have my pillow boxes featured in the new issue of Somerset Life.   I’m always amazed at the beauty and creativity in this publication.  It’s my favorite!  Thanks so much to the editors for the opportunity to share my work within these lovely pages. This issue will be on the news stands April 1st.

And if you need a last minute spring project for little ones visiting for the holiday, try these little bunnies.  I posted how to make these cute paper roll bunnies last spring and included the pattern.

This year I made some with a vintag-ey look using muted floral papers with some baker’s twine and paper flowers as embellishments.

If you need a fun and easy last minute spring craft, check out the original post from last year and choose whatever type of papers you like best.

I wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Easter Bunny Stick Puppet

Have you ever seen stick puppets?  I discovered them recently in a book.

You hold the puppet with one hand and a stick with the other.  When you push the stick up a little clown or something pops up and you can make it dance around.  They’re cute!

Here’s my version of an Easter bunny stick puppet.

I used 3/4 of a paper roll for this project and my bunny measures 4″ x 2.5″.

I’m going to let the photos show you the process, but if you have any questions about this project feel free to ask.  As with all crafty things, it can be done many different ways.


Be sure and reinforce the bunny around the skewer/dowel  to hold it in place. I also dabbed some craft glue around it as well.



Rcycling my daughter’s pink tights she’s outgrown…




My kiddo giving it a try…

Hope you’re having a great week. I appreciate you coming by to see my projects!

Black and White Easter Basket

This is an exciting week over at Jenny Doh’s Crescendo. My friend Kay Ellen is the guest curator and will be featuring two creative blogs each day. My blog will be featured Wednesday!  I’m thrilled and grateful to Kay for including me this week.

Be sure and pay a visit to both of these artistic women this week and get a breath of creative fresh air.

This basket is for a special lady who comes to my home every Tuesday. She watches Knox and J. for me while I take S. to piano lessons.  She helps me in many other ways, too, all the time.  I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her and how much she blesses me and our family. She is my children’s only Grandmother and my wonderful mother-in-law. I love you, Kathy!

She loves beautiful, unique things, so I came up with this idea to make her a special black and white Easter basket with rhinestone eggs.

The eggs are wooden and painted with gesso.

I purchased the pretty acrylic rhinestones at Michael’s.

The cute polka-dot tape is from KC Company’s Smash journal line.

The eggs looked pretty cool by themselves, but I thought it needed just one more thing…

A black and white rabbit!

Have a fantastic week, and thanks so much for stopping by!

Eggs Covered in Postage Stamps

This idea came from a page I tore out of a Martha Stewart magazine 5 years ago.

You can see the same article now on her website.

These large wooden eggs are perfect for this project.

I remember a period of about 10 years where I did every egg craft Martha Stewart featured on her Spring cover.

The stamp covered eggs are one of my all-time favorites, along with the marbleized eggs.

I remember re-creating these eggs specifically in 2003.  I spent the last few weeks of my mother’s life with her at home on hospice care.  I made these in her kitchen one weekend and filled up a basket to put beside her bed.  My mother loved crafts and she would’ve made them herself if she could have.

This egg craft is straightforward, covering the eggs in postage stamps using a paintbrush and ModPodge.

Where did I get the stamps? My husband collected stamps as a kid, but in recent years his philatelic love has grown cold. In other words, he said I could have them all (yay!). You can find all sorts of colors and styles of postage stamps on ebay.

If you try this with different sized stamps it’s easier to use the smaller stamps

on the smaller ends of the eggs.


A rainbow…


Have a beautiful spring weekend!

Simple Easter Tags with Marjolein Bastin Stickers

I made these Easter tags for Knox’s therapists.  They are all so kind and caring and we appreciate them so much.  Right now he has an OT (occupational therapist), a VI (vision therapist), an AI (hearing therapist), an OM (orientation and mobility), and a PT (physical therapist).  Wonderful ladies!

Marjolein Bastien is one of my favorite artists.  When I saw these M.B. stickers I knew they would make super sweet tags.

I kept them simple, covering shipping tags in pastel papers and using scallop scissors and punches.  The stickers are so beautiful all by themselves, I didn’t need to do much.



Hope you’re having a wonderful week! Thanks for visiting!