Madonna and Child with Dolphins


The dolphin was an early symbol in Christian art. Because dolphins swim alongside boats, they represent Christ who guides believers to heaven. More about the dolphin as a symbol for Christ can be read here.

More importantly to me, dolphins grieve and mourn their young.  The reason I chose dolphins for this painting is simply because I’m grieving and need help. I pray that God will help me back to the surface, just as dolphins help those in distress.


Light modeling paste brushed onto hair and baby’s blanket…


Lines drawn through the wet paste for texture…

Paint rubbed over dried paste on hair and baby blanket…





Add adhesive to areas where gold foil will be added and let dry…
DSCF1145 DSCF1144 DSCF1152

Gently rub gold foil (gold side up) over adhesive to add shiny gold leaf accents…

Love the hammered look of the star…


Have a blessed first week of Advent, friends. Thanks for stopping by.  ~Scarlett
DSCF1176madonna with dolphins 1

Miniature Sea Paintings

I recently purchased this new duvet cover from Pottery Barn.  I love butterflies!

But the picture over my bed doesn’t really go with my room anymore so I want to paint something to replace it. I bought a large 30″ x 40″ blank canvas, but I wasn’t brave enough to take my brushes to it right off.

These pale colors are calm and peaceful to me.  I get this same feeling when I see paintings of the ocean.

I used these miniature canvases to practice painting my own ocean scenes before I tackle the big one.

I mixed up some acrylic paint to match the colors of the duvet.

The first canvas was really simple, just three strips of color.

For the second one, I tried to paint a more interesting shoreline and add more color into the sky.

Neither one of these were really what I was aiming for so I added some gel medium into the mix.  The medium thickens the paint and creates texture.

I began by painting the entire surface with medium…

Using the palette knife, I blocked in the shore.


And then continued with the sea, some tree-like shapes, and sky.

Added some white with the edge of the palette knife for waves…

Looking through my art book on William Turner,  I found this ship and used it as a guide to add a tiny one onto my canvas…


For the final sample, I tried to paint an ocean sunset.  I smeared on the color with the palette knife just like the last one. I really love the texture of the gel medium!

Then I scraped some paint off of the sky with the palette knife. Just a few small places near the base of the sky.

To demonstrate that I’m a self-taught artist once again, I used a Q-tip to rub some yellow into the areas that were scraped away.

These were fun to paint and now I have a much better idea of what I want to do on my large canvas.

Here are the first two without gel medium…


And here are the two with the medium mixed in…

I’ll show you which one I decided to use for my large canvas soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



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Altered Photo With Cross-Stitch (#3)

I brushed over the color copy of my photo with gel matte medium and let it dry overnight, face down, on an 8″ x 10″ framed canvas.  The image came out fairly clear so I didn’t need to do a second transfer like I did on my first one.

After I removed the paper, there was still a small un-printed area at the bottom right of the canvas and I’m not sure why.   It’s a learning process!

After doing a ‘half-face’ photo and a ‘whole face’ photo, I decided I like the look of the half-faces more.  They have a whimsical look that I like.

I took some watercolor pencils and added some color back into the red glasses and her lips…


And also her hair and eyes…

Added some fine detail with a .03 pen…

Then I started adding some stitching…

I was experimenting with using the stitching as texture and pattern instead of only accenting details in the photo.