Published in Somerset Life, Autumn 2012

So grateful and thrilled to see my holiday clothespins featured in the brand new issue of Somerset Life.

A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful editors and staff of this gorgeous publication. I’m truly thankful and honored to be included.

Be sure and check it out at your local bookstore or from their web site.  Each and every page is full of beauty and ideas for artistic living.

I actually made several more of these clothespins using sequins on the ends but I didn’t send them all in.  I should have! Maybe next time I’ll be more confident.

I’m just back from our trip to England and still tired. We had a great time and I can’t wait to share some photos with you.

And as for my ‘adventure hair’, the pretty pink extensions came out much too soon! (I pulled on them too much)

  I posted this photo on my FB page when they were just put in.  If you haven’t gone over  and ‘liked’ my page yet, please do!  I’ll be posting photos, drawings, and other works in progress photos that don’t make it onto the blog.

Have a great weekend!

Miniature Hot-Air Balloon Christmas Ornament



This little hot-air balloon ornament was fun to make and it’s SO pretty on the tree.

The silver glitter paint is super sparkly near the tree lights.

The balloon I used came from a package labeled “water balloons” so it was extra small.  The little ‘baskets’ fell off a near-by tree. The red netting from the oranges added texture, and of course, the piece of bubble gum was just the right size for a tiny gift. For the sand-bags, I used some silver beads from a broken necklace.

This is my favorite type of Christmas project; it’s the kind of creation that has so many possibilities for found objects, recycling odd materials, etc.  I’ve got another one in the works, but this time I’m making it simpler. I’m bypassing the paper-mache part and recycling an unexpected item that was headed for the trash-can.

Hot-air balloon #2 coming up soon!

Happy Holidays!