Published in Sew Somerset, Winter 2013

This is a special surprise!

My cloth diaper jewelry pouch I made for my favorite necklace (given to me last Christmas) is featured in the new issue of Sew Somerset.

Their photos make everything look dreamy.  Thank you to editor, Jennifer Taylor,  and everyone over at Stampington for providing so many opportunities for artists of a thousand and one different styles to share their work.  It’s an honor to be included!

Be sure and check out this wonderful publication and see some of the most creative art projects using  needles and thread.

Are you ready for the holidays?  Ready or not, they’re here and it’s time for Christmas crafting!  I’m working on some easy-to-make miniature book ornaments so I’ll show you those soon. Thanks for stopping by!


Jewelry Pouch with Felt Birds

This was my favorite Christmas present: A lovely seed pearl necklace with silver charms.   It was given to me by my husband’s mother and I love it so much.

I love layering it with other necklaces, but more than that, it’s extra special to me because it represents my babies and I, all together.

I read a mother’s comment recently about the phrase “losing a child”.  She explained that children who pass away are not ‘lost’, they just go on ahead of us.   I like that way of thinking about it.

Come what may, I will always have four children.   Barring a miracle, Knox will go to heaven ahead of us, but he won’t be ‘lost’.

I wanted to make a special place for this necklace when I’m not wearing it so I began to scour the house for something to recycle.

I found a cloth diaper that had been used as one of Knox’s burp cloths in the kitchen.  Perfect!

The colors are simple and sweet.

I made some little birds out of blue felt, one for me and one for each of my children.




I sewed the birds into the nest and added a bow, and then embroidered the number 4.



Velcro was sewn onto the inside of the back flap along with some extra stitching and another bow.

I like bows, if you can’t tell.

This jewelry pouch is the perfect place for my new necklace.


Have a great week! Thanks for coming over and taking a look!