8 Ideas for Simple Wrapping with Herbs and Paper Doilies

Faster. Simpler. Cheaper.

These have been my goals when trying to come up with wrapping and gift ideas.

I looked outside to see if there was something I could use and there was only one thing that has survived my black thumb: the herbs.

I cut some clippings of rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  They look plain, but mmmmmmm…they sure do smell good.

I gathered some brown shipping paper and some white paper doilies from Wal-Mart that I got for $1.

A few other odds and ends were used, too, but I tried to use as few items as possible and only stuff I already had.
Here are 8 ideas for simple wrapping and gifts:

Idea #1 -Fold doily into a cone and stuff with herbs. Tie with jute.



They get the gift plus some seasoning for their next chicken dish.

Idea #2 –  (should’ve been #1)  Just put the doily on top and tie with some twine.

Idea #3 – Folding up the herbs in a doily like a burrito (this post is making me hungry). Tie with jute and a tag.

Idea #4 –  Use the doily by itself to make a gift bouquet.

Idea #5 –  Fold the doily in half, and fold the sides under slightly to make a pocket for herbs. Tie with jute.

Idea #6 –  Make a cone with a  paper roll, cover it with a half-doily to make mini herb bouquet.

Staple at the bottom to hold cone shape.



Idea #7 –  Make a doily cone and press it flat, with just a few herbs tucked in.

Idea #8 –  Don’t have the doilies? Tuck in some longer clippings of herbs, tie with jute and a white tag.

Hope these ideas inspire you to wrap simply and save some serious moolah.

And I hope you enjoy this music from the Great Depression, which seems all too appropriate in the after-math of tax day.

Up next, I’m going to post some lost photos that I rescued from Picnik before it closed last week.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

Tiny Flower Frames From Shower Curtain Rings

These clear plastic shower curtain rings were ‘retired’ when my daughter got her Hello Kitty curtain with matching hooks and have never seen the light of day again.  Until now.

I decided to up-cycle these little plastic rings into miniature frames.  I used mostly scrap materials, a few things from the kitchen, and some old dried and pressed flowers that I keep for projects like this.

I started by tracing the ring onto cardboard so I would have a template for the centers.

I covered the rings with lots of different things. This one is covered in jute and the next in floral tape and then natural twine. The floral tape helped hold the twine in place while I wrapped the ring.

Then, using the cardboard template, I cut out two circles of wax paper and placed a pressed flower inside, and glued the circles together around the edges.

Next, I just hot-glued the circle onto the back of the ring.

I added a little button, some lace, and a piece of scrap ribbon at the top.

Added a tiny tag onto this one.

Love how the wax paper lets the light through.

This one’s different. I made a circle of wire, tacked a piece of produce netting (the stuff my onions come in) around it and slipped a pressed flower inside.


Here’s a shower ring wrapped in tulle.

I cut a circle of white cardboard for the backing and glued on a dried flower.

The tiny tag is made from a paper doily.


Here’s another one with a tiny tag made from torn muslin, the heart was cut from a pressed leaf.

This one was covered in cream colored yarn and the backing is thin cardboard.

This one is wrapped in a strip cut from a brown paper bag, the backing is parchment paper, and the heart is cut from a leaf.

This ring is wrapped in lace scraps and a pressed hydrangea is sandwiched between two circles of vellum.

This one is covered in muslin.  The backing is parchment paper and the flower is just glued onto the paper.

These are fun to make! I only made 8 out of 10, though, because my daughter wants to make some and put photos in them for her friend’s birthdays.

These are really sweet and would be great as a small ornament or tag on a gift.


Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and, as always,  thanks for coming by and taking a look at my projects!

Tiny Oceans

I  flipped when I saw these little corked bottles!  I have a serious penchant for tiny objects.

At first, I put some butterflies in them…

But they needed something more. Then I found the Summer of Color blog challenge and read that the color for this week is ‘brown’. 

I immediately thought of brown speckled shells nestled deep in brown sand.  A little sand for the bottom of the bottles, and then some water almost to the top.  Little shells dropping one by one down onto the miniature ocean floor…

A tiny bit of blue coloring…

Tiny drop of bleach, which causes a perfect bit of sea-water haziness…

I made the smallest bottle into a pendant and put it on a necklace for my daughter.

Each bottle is a tiny ocean…

Who do you think of when you read the words on this one?

Words that remind me of days at the sea when I was little…

Love all the browns: sand, shells, twine, jute, and corks.

You can see more of the ‘brown’ inspired projects at the Summer of Color.