Madonna and Child with Dolphins


The dolphin was an early symbol in Christian art. Because dolphins swim alongside boats, they represent Christ who guides believers to heaven. More about the dolphin as a symbol for Christ can be read here.

More importantly to me, dolphins grieve and mourn their young.  The reason I chose dolphins for this painting is simply because I’m grieving and need help. I pray that God will help me back to the surface, just as dolphins help those in distress.


Light modeling paste brushed onto hair and baby’s blanket…


Lines drawn through the wet paste for texture…

Paint rubbed over dried paste on hair and baby blanket…





Add adhesive to areas where gold foil will be added and let dry…
DSCF1145 DSCF1144 DSCF1152

Gently rub gold foil (gold side up) over adhesive to add shiny gold leaf accents…

Love the hammered look of the star…


Have a blessed first week of Advent, friends. Thanks for stopping by.  ~Scarlett
DSCF1176madonna with dolphins 1

“Cardinals in the Snow” Gift Jars

I’ve been using our left-over grape stems in a lot of projects lately.  They make perfect little trees!

Here’s one project I finished recently that I thought would make nice Christmas gifts.

First, eat up all your grapes and trim the stem into a nice tree shape…

Next, wrap brown floral tape around the bottom of the stem to form the ‘trunk” and give it added support. You can also combine several smaller stems to create one tree by doing this.

A section from an egg carton serves as the perfect tree stand.

Mix some 1 part white acrylic paint to 1 part light molding paste. This makes a thick “snow” paint.  Using a small brush, coat your little tree with frosty paint, letting blobs form in the creases and places where branches separate. I painted the egg carton stand, too.

These look just like the live oaks we have down here in the South.    I added glitter to this one, too.

For the cardinal, I took Paper Clay and shaped some birds by hand and then painted them red. You could also use some tiny resin cardinals, I’ve seen them in the craft stores.


When the tree is dry, glue the cardinal onto a branch and then slip it gently into a quart jar.

I’ve tried everything for snow: poly-flake, salt, flour, icing, sugar..My favorite ‘snow’ is confectioner’s sugar.

For this jar I also made a sturdy hanger with white floral stem wires…

After you put the lid on and secure it tightly, you can wrap up the top any way you like.  It’s fun to come up with different ideas.

I wrapped a torn strip of burlap garland and added a stamped tag with a red feather.


On another one I tied a strip of white organdy around the jar.  For the accents I used a tiny piece of grape stem that had fallen off, some red berries, and  tag hand-stamped with the word ‘peace’.

For the third jar, I did something a little funky. I wrapped wide strips of muslin and burlap garland around the top.

I cut a tag from a Valentine’s doily, added a dried tendril from the grapes, and a red feather, all held together with a tiny clothespin.

There are so many fun ways you could finish these off.   It’s fun to make each gift unique.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make home-made gifts this year!

And to eat more grapes.  :)