Madonna and Child with Dolphins


The dolphin was an early symbol in Christian art. Because dolphins swim alongside boats, they represent Christ who guides believers to heaven. More about the dolphin as a symbol for Christ can be read here.

More importantly to me, dolphins grieve and mourn their young.  The reason I chose dolphins for this painting is simply because I’m grieving and need help. I pray that God will help me back to the surface, just as dolphins help those in distress.


Light modeling paste brushed onto hair and baby’s blanket…


Lines drawn through the wet paste for texture…

Paint rubbed over dried paste on hair and baby blanket…





Add adhesive to areas where gold foil will be added and let dry…
DSCF1145 DSCF1144 DSCF1152

Gently rub gold foil (gold side up) over adhesive to add shiny gold leaf accents…

Love the hammered look of the star…


Have a blessed first week of Advent, friends. Thanks for stopping by.  ~Scarlett
DSCF1176madonna with dolphins 1

Christmas Card-“The Gospel According to John”

This photo of my oldest and youngest child has a “Madonna and Child” look about it that I like.  The photo itself is grainy because of the high ISO setting in the dimly lit hospital room, so I decided to use it as a template for a Christmas card.

First I cut out the general shape in some decorative paper, and then I cut up the photo into sections to use as templates for the details of the picture.

And I had to take a break at this point to do bedtime routine with my dumplings, but I worked some more on it at night.  These next three  pictures aren’t great, but I’ll post them anyway just to show you how it came together.

At first I tried sheet music as the background but I decided on a dark brown circle card instead. Then I added a smaller circle of coordinating paper to frame Mary’s head.

I have a lot of bibles that have fallen into disrepair so I pulled one of my smaller texts out and found the title page for the book of John to paste on. I also cut out “swaddling clothes” from the first page of John: “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14)

I wound up using the sheet music to make a double-layer star topped with a gold sequin, all mounted on a 3D dot.

I put the finishing touches on it this morning–some prisma-glitter on Mary’s clothing and a bit of distressing ink here and there.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week full of Christmas cheer! We’re eating way too many sweets and watching too many movies over here!  haha! Oh well.  It’s only once a year.

God bless you and your family as we head into the final week before Christmas.  ♥