Published in Somerset Studio, Fall 2012

Surprised and delighted to have a little something of mine published in the new Somerset Studio.

The challenge for this issue was to create art in honor of Edgar Allen Poe.

I submitted this mixed-media piece based on his poem “The Coliseum”…

This issue has some really beautiful collage papers included…

Many thanks to the folks at Somerset Studio for including my piece in this issue!

I finally got a FB page up yesterday!  I’ll be posting drawings and photos that don’t make it onto the blog so be sure and go give it a click and ‘like’ it!


I’m working on some sketches for this year’s Candy Corn Queen and wishing fall would hurry up and cool things off.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for visiting!



A Shadow Lurking


All the festivities of the season aren’t able to keep away this melancholy.

It comes and goes.

I’m working on some miniature hot-air balloon ornaments that are turning out really cool so I’ll be sharing those soon.

But not today.

This month is already proving to be more difficult than I expected.  It’s hard to “do Christmas” as usual.

I’m tormented with nagging questions.

Is this Knox’s last Christmas with us?  What memories should I make with him before it’s too late?

A mother who recently lost her daughter to CS started a blog where she writes letters to her daughter in heaven.  She describes my own feelings perfectly when she shares these lines:

“There was never a  feeling of just relax and take in this beautiful moment…Instead always, ‘take this in because she’s going to die’ Always that CS shadow lurking.  I tried to shake it, but couldn’t. It wasn’t fair. ”

This is exactly how I feel. I want to enjoy this season. I’m trying to go on as usual, but that “lurking shadow” is never far away.

Today has been a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.

Thanks for visiting~