The White Owl in the Belfry

Owls and poetry again!

I drew this sketch to go along with Tennyson’s poem “The Owl”.

With the holidays upon us, he had to have some festive adornment, of course.

The Owl
by Alfred Lord Tennyson

When cats run home and light is come,
And dew is cold upon the ground,
And the far-off stream is dumb,
And the whirring sail goes round,
And the whirring sail goes round;
Alone and warming his five wits,
The white owl in the belfry sits.

When merry milkmaids click the latch,
And rarely smells the new-mown hay,
And the rooster hath sung beneath the thatch
Twice or thrice his roundelay,
Twice or thrice his roundelay;
Alone and warming his five wits,
The white owl in the belfry sits

Copyright 1893

I’ve been working on some stuffed owls this week, as well.
You all know I don’t really sew, which makes working with fabric a true adventure!

Like many of you, I’m going to take a blogging break for the rest of the week.
We’re going to be eating, visiting with family here in town, eating,  and then putting up Christmas stuff over the weekend after we eat again.

This year, I’m especially thankful that Knox is still with us.  He recently turned 16 months old!  He also lost one of his contacts so he’s having to wear his little glasses until his new pair arrive.  We love this little guy!!

I wish you and your family a peaceful and blessed week!

Happy Thanksgiving!