Blue Owl Postcards

I made these postcards using the owl stamp I carved and my Derwent Inktense blocks.

We didn’t have much of a winter here in central Texas, so the only snow I’ll see  is the sn0w in my art.

I stamped the owls in blue, then added more color with the blocks, and then finally added some more details with my .03 black pen.

A phrase crafted from book text…

Using a water pen to blend the Inktense colors in the background…

Red cheeks and red berries added with the Inktense blocks…

Lots of sparkly glitter in the forest…


I used some white ‘Fun Flock”  to add snow to the branch…

Thanks for visiting my blog and looking at my art projects!

Have a great week~


Music: “Angel Eyes” by Tommy Flanagan

Singing Owls

These card designs are all hand-cut using some of the super-awesome paper in the KC Company’s Que Sera Sera pack. The changing seasons always put me in the mood for cutesy things like this.   These owls are enjoying the moonrise from their respective tree tops and singing sweetly in the night.  :)

We have a great horned owl that lives around here by our house and I can hear him once in a while–love the sound.

All my hand made card sets are for sale on my Etsy shop for CS research. I send the profits to Boston Children’s Hospital, where they’re working on a treatment for Cockayne Syndrome.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. As you probably can guess, we’re hoping for a fire free weekend here in Texas!

Candy Wrapper ATCs with Owls

This cute hoot owl stamp became the star of my ATCs.

The candy wrapper swap at Archiver’s is this Wed. and I actually got my cards done a day early (not the norm!).

I stamped and colored this cute little owl, cut him out (thirteen times to be exact) and glued him onto black ATCs.

And now for the hard part….

It was a struggle to consume enough candy for these cards, but I managed somehow.

I added glowing moons, bats flying in the distance, and stars in background . Then, I used my .05 ZIG pen to add more detail and long eye-lashes. I used my paper piecer to poke holes for stringing on signs,  cut out the beaks and stuck them on with foam tape, and finally, with the help of my x-acto knife, I cut out his talons and stuffed a candy wrapper in his clutches.

I think owls deserve a little treat after their hard night’s work, don’t you?

I’m starting to miss my smaller swaps. Making 13 cards takes me a while! It’s a good thing they want them all pretty much the same.

One thing I’ve noticed at these swaps is that they prefer cards with lots of dimensional stuff. The more stuff that sticks up off the card the better. Can’t wait to see the other wrapper designs!