Published in Somerset Studio, Fall 2012

Surprised and delighted to have a little something of mine published in the new Somerset Studio.

The challenge for this issue was to create art in honor of Edgar Allen Poe.

I submitted this mixed-media piece based on his poem “The Coliseum”…

This issue has some really beautiful collage papers included…

Many thanks to the folks at Somerset Studio for including my piece in this issue!

I finally got a FB page up yesterday!  I’ll be posting drawings and photos that don’t make it onto the blog so be sure and go give it a click and ‘like’ it!


I’m working on some sketches for this year’s Candy Corn Queen and wishing fall would hurry up and cool things off.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for visiting!



A Technique for Aging Paper

 I think old paper is so cool.

The older the better.

I’m sure there are one thousand blogs out there that show a thousand other ways to age paper, but here’s what I do:

1.) Give it a tea bath.

2.) Hang it up.

3.) Spray with Walnut Ink while the paper is still wet.

Tsukineko now  offers Walnut Ink powder and crystals so you can customize the shade you want even more.

4.) Let it dry in the sun.

And that’s it. 

 Now it looks and feels like paper that was left in a drawer for half a century or more.

Just the right look for projects that need a special vintage touch.

Here’s one project I’ve done with aged paper recently.

On our piano, I have a clear glass container lamp from Pottery Barn –the kind you can take the top off of and fill with different stuff.

I took several sheets of aged sheet music, rolled them up, tied them with black satin ribbons, and placed them inside.  What do you think?

I’ll show you another project using aged paper soon. Have a wonderful day!

“Secret Prayer” Bookmarkers

 A little something for my friends who met recently for a special meal.

Each one has a pocket with a slip of paper inside for a secret prayer.

You have a secret prayer don’t you?

It’s one that is so close to your heart, so precious to your soul, so fragile, that you can only whisper it. 

Write it down.

And when the answer comes, write it down too, and feel your faith soar.

“But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”

Matthew 6:6

Alice in Wonderland Project #2-“Mad Tea Party” Collage


Here is my second piece of “mad” art.

The “Alice in Wonderland” theme is too fun! When it starts looking a little crazy I think “well, the story is nuts, so who cares?”  This is a 12×12 canvas board, painted and souped up.  The main picture is an illustration plate taken from a Barnes & Noble edition that I found at Half Price Books.  It’s got several colored plates by different artist’s.  This one was done by an illustrator named G. M. Hudson.

Alice 12X12   1

I had fun arranging these pieces, trying to get them to look right. I crunched up some parchment paper over and over and then pleated it around the edges and stapled it in place.  Then I hot-glued the red-velvet ribbon around to cover the staples.  I actually like the look of exposed staples, but it didn’t look right on this. 

Alice 12X12  3

Paper is so versatile! I cut strips of pages from the book to add a whimsical look around the flower.  The fan-folded book page is from Chapter 7-The Mad Tea Party. I dipped the edges in FolkArt’s Metallic Aquamarine paint, which was also the color of the background.

 Finally, I sprayed the whole thing with Walnut Ink.

Alice 12X12 4

 Warning: The aquamarine paint can be addicting!  It makes everything prettier. I even wound up dabbing some on the silk flower. 

Alice 12X12 5

You may have noticed that I’m sticking to the same colors and papers that I used in my first Alice piece.   This is because I want to combine these things and create a “Wonderland” display in my entry.

 During this particular “season” I actually feel late,  mixed-up, disorganized, and I’m really not sure how I got here! In the words of the Mad Hatter, I’m ready to “move one space on”.  This display is going to be perfect :)

Alice 12X12  6