Last Minute Little Somethings

And I really mean ‘last minute’ !

After three weeks of illness with my angel, Knox, I feel like this Christmas season has slipped right by me.

I’ve sent no Christmas cards.  I’ve made no fudge.  I’ve done little shopping.

Having a little something for our post-man, banker, therapists,  etc..always puts me in the Christmas spirit so I made these simple hot-chocolate packets using a bunch of my odd-sized left-over envelopes and paper scraps.

I just punched some shapes in the envelope, folded a piece of paper around the packet, and slipped it inside the envelope.  I stamped  the front and secured the flap with a paper clip.  Quick and easy…but it’s something!





I wish you all a Merry Christmas and blessed 2013!

I’m going to take a blogging break until the 7th, so I’ll finally have some time to come around and visit you all.

Thank you for your visits and sweet comments this past year, it means the world to me!


Cards Using Kid’s Paint Palettes

 The paper palettes left behind after my kids paint are incredible. I never throw them away.

Colors swirl and mix, leaving textures and patterns I couldn’t have made intentionally.

Their old palette papers made beautiful cards. 

I used my circle and butterfly punches and then added words clipped from newspapers.

And this last card was made using the scraps from the scraps! 

 And it’s my favorite.

For me, art is medicine. 

It makes me feel better, so this is my new tag line.

These cards will be for sale in my new Etsy shop for Cockayne Syndrome as soon as I can list them.  I made envelopes out of recycled newsprint for them so they’re very ‘green’.

Click here to shop for cards.