Red Velvet Strawberries

My inspiration for this week’s Summer of Color challenge came from a drawing my daughter drew last week.

It’s a picture of us making strawberry jam together. 

It’s funny because we’ve never grown strawberries, let alone made anything that resembles a condiment out of them.  But she’s not one to let lack of experience get in the way of her art.

Similarly, I try not to let my lack of experience with sewing keep me from working with fabrics from time to time.

I decided to make red velvet strawberries using an old paper pattern I had.  Back when I was a Close To My Heart demonstrator, I used to make a basket full of paper strawberries with matching stamped cards to ‘wow’ my customers. 

I’ll let the photos take it from here…


Hope you liked my red creations! Be sure and see the other creations inspired by the color ‘red’ over at  the Summer of Color.

Wax Paper Bird-seed Packets

My kids and I watched “Mary Poppins” recently and even my 3-year-old has been walking around the house singing, “Feeeed the birds, toppins a bag…toppins…toppins…”

With this in mind I created these  little bird-seed packets.  They are made of pieces of wax paper, folded and taped along the edges with double-stick tape.  With pre-cut tags and clip-art birds, these were pretty easy to put together.

I added a few other embellishments like feathers and stuff, you know, for the pictures.  :)

Depending on the size of the piece of wax paper you tear off, you can make the packets different sizes.

Wouldn’t these make cute party favors? Or perhaps a party craft at a ‘bird’ themed party? The bird lover would surely appreciate a basket full.

If the stick on this one looks like something I just picked up off the ground outside, it’s because it is.

I thought it looked cool threaded through the edges of the tag.

Wax paper tears easily so the tops of the packets can be torn off and re-used as bookmarks, card embellishments, mood board elements, etc. after the birds are fed.

Have a beautiful weekend!