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Candy Corn Queen 2011

She started out as a sketch on tracing paper, just like last year. I decided on an Elizabethan style queen and  initially sketched out a castle along with her….but I changed my mind on the castle later on. After the basic sketch was done, I made a copy of it, […]

Baby Knox, Drawings

“Stare Cards” for CS

I wish people would stop staring. I designed some cards to give to people who stare at Knox. It’s happening more and more frequently.  People can’t help themselves. Their eyes keep looking over at him.  They don’t say anything but their eyes ask the questions loud and clear. “What’s wrong with that baby? Is […]

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I Saw No Window…

 Today’s post for the letter “I” is a line from Robert Frost’s poem “Good Hours”. I borrow lines from poems and illustrate them in my sketchbook. Often, my drawings have nothing to do with what the poem is really about.  I just love the words. I love the feeling the words […]