Little Turtle in a Castle


Last summer, I visited a very special friend of mine in Wales.  He has Cockayne Syndrome, like my little Knox did, and he lives in a lovely castle by the sea with his family. I love him very much and painted this turtle painting for him to celebrate the special bond our families will always share.  Notice the Welsh and Texas flags flying together from the tip of his toy castle!

This is the 4th turtle painting I’ve done for CS children around the world. You can see the one I painted for angels in California, Germany, and France.

Turtles remind me of my little boy~I paint these with his memory in my heart and send them out with my love.

The painting was created on an 8″ x 8″ wrapped canvas.
DSCF3632 DSCF3635





The details for the banner were taken directly from the banner in his room.DSCF3649


And this little bear was in his stroller.DSCF3694

Love from the Lone Star State, USA!

Painting this tiny red dragon for the Welsh flag was tricky. I had a photo on my phone to guide me, but then I realized I had to paint it backwards since I put the flag poles on the right hand side!  DSCF3667





Sending all my love across the ocean today to my precious little friend and his family in Wales, UK.

I love you, Thomas ~Scarlett (Knox’s mom)
for TB 1

Knox Went to Heaven


My baby is gone.

My little Knox had been battling a double ear infection over the last month. None of the antibiotics worked.

Then he caught a respiratory virus (RSV) on top of it all, and his body wasn’t strong enough.

He spent the last 5 days of his life in a coma, and then peacefully died beside me in bed early Saturday morning, February 1st, 2014.

My arms are empty and the pain is worse than I imagined.  I’ve  joined the sisterhood of grieving mothers and must now prepare for my son’s funeral.

My heart is broken.   3 years wasn’t enough.