Published in Sew Somerset and Somerset Gallery, Winter 2014

Having my work featured in three publications at the same time is pretty awesome! In the previous post I showed you my owl cards in Somerset Studio.

You can also see my “Blue Winter” piece in the Winter 2014 issue of Somerset Gallery. This was the first time I attempted to combine quilling and painting!

I also have an article featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Sew Somerset about the creation of my stitched portrait tansfers.  Be sure and check out my original post, and my second and third piece,  for instructions.  They are easy to make and create unique gifts!

My daughter was pretty excited to have her face in a magazine!

I’m thankful to all the editors over at Somerset for their beautiful photography and art publications. They always show the artwork featured at its best!

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Up next are some cute reindeer ornaments made from recycled materials, free pattern included!

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



ATC With Quilled Goldfish

The last week of the Summer of Color challenge is here, along with the toughest color for me…orange

My daughter had no trouble at all, however. She drew a sunny and bright “Orange Library”, complete with many juicy-colored books,  and a very tangy shaded lion.  How does she come up with this stuff?

Even the titles of some of the books are ‘orange-ish’–“How To Sqewws A Orange”.  (You know it’s time to start school when the struggling speller has regressed a full grade level or more. yikes!)

‘It’s an orange world,” the pages say, with an orange globe beside it on the table.  She’s so creative!

As for me, I’m still trying to get the hang of my mom’s quilling tools. 

Unlike my daughter, I really struggled with this color.  I kept it simple and decided to quill a goldfish…

I knew it would be pretty small, so I decided to use an ATC as the base and go from there. I found some cute dotted paper and cut some blue paper in a fish bowl shape. I also found this great piece of translucent plastic (from a notebook cover, I think?) to use as the bowl itself.

Then I added some orange-y seaweed and used a burnt orange marker to fill it with sand at the bottom.

Now came the fun part! I cut out the plastic in the shape of a bowl to layer over the quilling…

Another cool surprise was that the drops of glue look like bubbles when they dry.

Even though I got started late, this color challenge has been so much fun! I’m so grateful I was able to join in toward the end, and for the warm welcome from our very kind and talented host.

See more orange inspired art over at Summer of Color!

A Birthday Menu


 I sat down with my daughter to plan her birthday menu. In our family, getting to eat your favorite things on your birthday is part of the celebration.

 She came up with all of her favorite foods (including a trip to Souper Salad with a girl- friend from church) and then I wrote it on a piece of white cardboard and decorated it. 

Her menu includes breakfast, lunch, tea-time, and dinner. I’m looking forward to eating this birthday fare myself!

I still had a box of my mother’s quilling strips in my closet, so I quilled some simple scrolls and glued them around the edges, and then quilled the centers for the flowers. 

My daughter giggled when she saw the little pig beside her favorite breakfast food: Pig in the Blankets.

It’s hard for me to believe she’s turning 8 years old..

Time flies….