Illustrating Poetry-“The Road Less Taken” by Robert Frost

Starting with a cardboard box, my young artist began to create a scene to illustrate one of the well-known poems we’ve read this week:

“The Road Less Taken” by Robert Frost.

She collected some twigs from outside and using some glue, added Flower-Soft  to some of the small branches.

She cut a hill out of cardboard, painted it brown, and mounted it into her box with foam tape.

Then she started adding her trees.  To speed up the project I plugged in the hot-glue gun and helped a bit.

The scene began to take shape as we added more twiggy trees…

We gathered up the Flower-Soft that had fallen onto the table and sprinkled it around the trees.

The diverging road was then painted into the scene…



And then she painted a bit more around the road less taken, “Because it was grassy and wanted wear”…

My young artist is not terribly enthusiastic about poetry these days, so this type of hands-on art project is just the thing to keep her interested and help her remember the material we’ve been learning.

I can hear the cold front blowing in right now as I type.  We may have our first hot chocolate of the season tomorrow!

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I Saw No Window…

 Today’s post for the letter “I” is a line from Robert Frost’s poem “Good Hours”.

I borrow lines from poems and illustrate them in my sketchbook.

Often, my drawings have nothing to do with what the poem is really about.  I just love the words.

I love the feeling the words create.

Sometimes it’s only one line.

Sometimes it’s only one phrase.

I pick lines from poems like flowers from a garden.

 Only the ones that stir my heart are taken.

“I saw no window but that was black.”