Wall Art with Fiber Paste, Stamps, and Paint

Instead of sketching a design, I’ll often cut out paper and play around with the pieces until I like the composition.

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution to rid my home of mass produced art, I made this simple wall art for my downstairs powder room.  The more I put original art in my home, the more I like it!

I started with a framed canvas, 24″ x 20″ .  I brushed some acrylic paint over it, keeping it darker toward the bottom third.

When the paint was dry I brushed a thick layer of fiber paste all over the canvas and then ‘sketched’ the stem and leaves with the handle of the paintbrush.

I used some butterfly rubber stamps and stamped them carefully, right into the wet paste.

After the paste was dry I took some acrylic paint and added color.


I sponged around the edges with watered-down paint (raw sienna).  FYI~ The fiber paste ruins the sponge!

And here’s my new piece of wall art for my powder room! I’m moving most of my home decor into a more neutral direction.

Thanks for stopping by to see my project, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Altered Travel Folder

I took a plain manila folder and altered it for our upcoming trip.  I’m taking Knox to the UK f0r an annual retreat held for families with children affected by Cockayne Syndrome.  This will be our first time to attend the conference. It’s going to be a special trip so I want everything to be memorable.  I already made a cool butterfly luggage tag for my bag.

I’ll put the hard copies of our flight information, itinerary, etc. in this folder.

Here are some photos of the process…


The butterfly is the symbol for children with Cockayne Sydrome.





Can’t wait for our trip! We’re so excited to meet and hug our many new friends.

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

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8 Ideas for Simple Wrapping with Herbs and Paper Doilies

Faster. Simpler. Cheaper.

These have been my goals when trying to come up with wrapping and gift ideas.

I looked outside to see if there was something I could use and there was only one thing that has survived my black thumb: the herbs.

I cut some clippings of rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  They look plain, but mmmmmmm…they sure do smell good.

I gathered some brown shipping paper and some white paper doilies from Wal-Mart that I got for $1.

A few other odds and ends were used, too, but I tried to use as few items as possible and only stuff I already had.
Here are 8 ideas for simple wrapping and gifts:

Idea #1 -Fold doily into a cone and stuff with herbs. Tie with jute.



They get the gift plus some seasoning for their next chicken dish.

Idea #2 –  (should’ve been #1)  Just put the doily on top and tie with some twine.

Idea #3 – Folding up the herbs in a doily like a burrito (this post is making me hungry). Tie with jute and a tag.

Idea #4 –  Use the doily by itself to make a gift bouquet.

Idea #5 –  Fold the doily in half, and fold the sides under slightly to make a pocket for herbs. Tie with jute.

Idea #6 –  Make a cone with a  paper roll, cover it with a half-doily to make mini herb bouquet.

Staple at the bottom to hold cone shape.



Idea #7 –  Make a doily cone and press it flat, with just a few herbs tucked in.

Idea #8 –  Don’t have the doilies? Tuck in some longer clippings of herbs, tie with jute and a white tag.

Hope these ideas inspire you to wrap simply and save some serious moolah.

And I hope you enjoy this music from the Great Depression, which seems all too appropriate in the after-math of tax day.

Up next, I’m going to post some lost photos that I rescued from Picnik before it closed last week.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

A Home-Made Puppet Theater

Two cardboard boxes from the garage became the framework for our home-made puppet theater.

I used a knife to cut out the opening on one side of the top box, and then taped up one of the flaps in back.  I think the photos do a better job of explaining it than I can.

With plastic trash bags for smocks, I put my young artist (and her friend!) to work painting the boxes.  They had it done in no time!

Then we got out some craft stuff: papers, stamps, scissors, and glue.

I made a clock they could “set” to the time of the show.

My daughter drew a sun and moon and stars, cut them out, and put them around the clock.


I had glued sheet music all over the boxes by this time, so we added the clock display.  My daughter also added a sign for tickets next to a slot in the box.  The little box toward the top is for candy.

“After people  buy their tickets they get to choose a piece of candy from the box,” she explained.

Seemed simple enough, but then she made tickets with special codes on the back so she could pick a “winning ticket” and give away a surprise treat.


I took a paint brush and gave it a quick coat of antiquing medium, heavy around the edges.

We also added some chipboard letters to spell out ‘SHOWTIME!” and a lot of gold glittery chip-board swirls.

We also cut a door in the back of the theater for storing puppets and props in.

And there’s a tiny bird that decided to perch atop our theater.  She has a great view of the stage.

My kids have had a blast with this little theater made of cardboard.  They spend hours selling each other tickets, filling the box with treats, and making puppets for different stories.  It’s so much fun! I’m glad I get to play, too.

Friends, my tiny Knox is not doing well.  He’s just not eating much these last few days.  I must bid you farewell for a few days while I care for my precious boy and try to get his intake back up.  Hopefully,  he’ll be back on track after the weekend!