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Mixed-Media Art

Dancer in White

I was sorting through some scraps and happened to notice one in particular. It had a really nice oval shape of torn paper left on it…. Sometimes, your trash can be so inspiring! I found an old sketch of a dancer on vellum. We did a unit years ago on the […]

Mixed-Media Art

‘Simply Adorned’ Charms

This is one of my favorite things. Stampin’ Up offers these awesome  locket charms and I LOVE mine so much. They are little glass covered frames that you can put your miniature creations in: poems, collages, photos, keepsakes,etc…    And then wear it as a charm on a necklace or bracelet. You can also hang […]

Art Cards

Antique Baby Portrait Card

When I go to antique stores I look for old photos.  I love to find baby portraits in good condition. I love the old-fashioned dresses they wore (the girls and the boys!) and their sweet expressions. I always wonder how something that was so precious to someone at one time wound up for sale in an antique […]

Mixed-Media Art

Sheet Music Pencils

I love to re-use boxes. I love to paint them, decorate the lids, and fill them with something fun. I came across this narrow box in my stash the other day.  It was the perfect size to put pencils in. Many of the art blogs I read are using sheet music […]