Published in Somerset Life, Jan/Feb 2016


I’m thankful to be part of the first issue of Somerset Life to hit the stands in 2016.  All my gratitude goes to the publishers at Stampington~ they present my idea and creations with beautiful photography and exquisite detail.

This article features my idea for Needle Case Valentines~You can see the original post and process photos here.DSCF4567 DSCF4562 DSCF4569 DSCF4561

My Etsy shop that I began in honor of my precious son Knox, who passed away in 2014 from Cockayne Syndrome, is still up and features pieces of original art and many pretty card sets for sale. All proceeds go to fund research for CS.DSCF4565

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a chance to check out this gorgeous new issue.

Happy New Year!


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Cupcake Liner Butterflies

You see butterflies everywhere these days. I’ve been thinking about making some special butterflies since last fall when we said good-bye to our precious friend, Grace.

When I saw Somerset Life’s ‘Cupcake Liner’ challenge I couldn’t help trying my hand at making some out of paper.  I took plain white cupcake liners, wooden clothespins, paint, glitter, ink, and some sparkly jewels and created some sweet butterfly clips.

For large butterflies I used 4 jumbo sized liners….

I folded them in half…

Folded them in half again…

Then I glued them together at the corners and glued the pairs overlapping like this…

You can add shape to the wings by cutting around the edges…

Sponging some ink at the outer edges adds a touch of color…

I painted the clothespins with soft acrylic colors (cuz I love to paint!) and sprinkled them with glitter…

A snip of natural twine works well for antennae…

I added some drops of glue to the ends and dipped them in glitter…

I took the painted clothespins, twine antennae, and some sparklies to create the body…

Be sure and glue the antennae onto the top of the clothespin. If you glue it on the back (like I did the first time) then you can’t see them when you clip them onto something…

And then I glued the clothespin in the center of the wings with craft glue…

A tiny ribbon flower on this one…

This one was made with jumbo liners on top and the mini-liners on bottom…

All sorts of materials can be used to decorate them…


Plain white is pretty too…

I made some baby butterflies using miniature clothespins and 2 mini-liners…

Here’s an example of one where I didn’t cut the liners at all…

A whole bunch of pretty flutterbys….




I love butterflies.  They are a symbol of freedom.

They are the symbol of children who lose their lives early to illness, like my baby boy will.  Whenever a child goes to heaven from Cockayne Syndrome we say they ‘grew their wings’ and are able to” fly free”.  It’s so sad and sweet at the same time.

Just this last fall, our precious little friend, Grace, grew her wings.  I’ve been so heart-sick I haven’t been able to post about it.  She was the first child to pass away that I had held and spent time with.  I love her and miss her being here. I wanted more visits to Morgan’s Wonderland with her and I wanted her mommy and daddy to have more time with her, too.  There is some comfort knowing that when my Knox grows his wings, she’ll be there in heaven waiting to play…they will run and jump and enjoy limitless freedom from this wretched disease.


I dedicate this post to the beautiful Grace Rose.  Grace, you will always be the most special girl to us, always in our hearts. Love you so much beautiful angel!




Published in Somerset Life, Autumn 2012

So grateful and thrilled to see my holiday clothespins featured in the brand new issue of Somerset Life.

A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful editors and staff of this gorgeous publication. I’m truly thankful and honored to be included.

Be sure and check it out at your local bookstore or from their web site.  Each and every page is full of beauty and ideas for artistic living.

I actually made several more of these clothespins using sequins on the ends but I didn’t send them all in.  I should have! Maybe next time I’ll be more confident.

I’m just back from our trip to England and still tired. We had a great time and I can’t wait to share some photos with you.

And as for my ‘adventure hair’, the pretty pink extensions came out much too soon! (I pulled on them too much)

  I posted this photo on my FB page when they were just put in.  If you haven’t gone over  and ‘liked’ my page yet, please do!  I’ll be posting photos, drawings, and other works in progress photos that don’t make it onto the blog.

Have a great weekend!

Vintage Wooden Spool Toy

I have a dozen or so of these old spools that belonged to my mother, so I went through them and tried to find one in good shape to alter.  I wanted to turn one into a little match-up toy.

I apologize for not having all the process photos for this one..I worked on it really late at night and the photos wouldn’t have been that great.
It was fairly simple…I had some little clip art images of Victorian children. I picked 4, colored them with pencils and cut them out.

I removed all the thread on the spool and cut it in half (with a lot of help from the Mr.) and then sanded the rough edges.

I cut and adhered some pink papers for the background and then cut the children in half (oh my!!lol)

Then I glued them along the edges. The top and bottom of the spool were covered with some parchment paper stamped in script.

Taking some sturdy wire, I threaded it through both halves, down through a pink pearl bead,and then back up through two more beads at the top, wrapping the end of the wire down and around under the bead.

I took some white string and wrapped it around the top and bottom of the spool, gluing it into place with some craft glue.

My daughter loves this. As simple as it is, there’s just something about it that makes you want to pick it up and spin the spool, matching up the little figures.

And I don’t think it’s too early to say that these would make sweet stocking stuffers!

Newspaper Challenge for Somerset Life











When I was a little girl, I remember giving and receiving many gifts wrapped in the funny papers. Cute comic strips like “Ziggy”, “Peanuts”, and “Garfield” were some of my favorites. Not only was it economical, it was an added treat to be able to read my wrapping after I opened a gift!

I decided to try to elevate newspaper gift-wrap for Somerset Life magazine’s latest challenge.

First, I colored it:

*Shallow pan

*Little bit of water to cover the bottom

*Wilton icing colors (blue, pink, green, yellow)

I mixed each color separately, mixing a 1/4 tsp. of icing color into the water. Then I lay the newspaper in the tray and let it soak up the color like a sponge.  Then I tore it up into manageable strips and let it dry.  That’s it! (sorry I have no photos of this process, but I did it late at night)

I took some of the pink strips and wound them in tight circles to creat roses. I also took some of the blue and played around with it until it looked like a lily. I arranged the flowers and glued them onto a piece of cardboard, adding in some leaves here and there.






























Next came the fun part. Glimmer Mist! ooh how I this stuff!!! My absolute favorite is “Sugar Plum Fairy”. I coated the whole package in shimmery plum, and then added some chunky crystal disco glitter to some of the leaves and petal tips.



















I also added a shipping tag covered in newspaper and sprayed it as well. I found the phrase “Escape to a royal fantasy world” while I was perusing the paper. It sounded so lovely and mysterious…what could be in a box with a message like that?

Last but not least, I found a vintage costume clip earing that had the very same colors as the package! I love the contrast between the grunginess of the newspaper and the sparkle of the jewels.




















I’ve been adding butterflies to almost everything lately.




































I also created a smaller package using the same technique, only I made the roses very tiny for this one.  I mounted this arrangement onto a piece of burlap garland, which I thought looked a lot better, but it was too late to go back and change the first one.

I hope this inspires you to give your old newspapers new life before they get thrown into the recycle bin!