New “Stare Cards” For Cockayne Syndrome

Last summer,  I made up some ‘stare cards’  for CS to hand out when I have Knox with me.

I have passed out lots of cards in the last few months.

Yesterday, some other CS moms expressed interest in these on Facebook.  I worked on them all evening, re-working the text, cleaning up the lines, and adding red hearts.

Below is the link to download a sheet of 4 cards.

If you are a CS parent, relative, caretaker or friend,  please feel free to print off as many of these as you need.

Love, Knox and family  :)


Download Stare Cards   ( UK site)

Download Stare Cards   ( US site)


“Stare Cards” for CS

I wish people would stop staring.

I designed some cards to give to people who stare at Knox.

It’s happening more and more frequently.  People can’t help themselves. Their eyes keep looking over at him.  They don’t say anything but their eyes ask the questions loud and clear.

“What’s wrong with that baby? Is he OK? He doesn’t look quite right.”

Many can’t contain their curiosity and ask the DREADED QUESTION.

” How old is he?”

Here we go again.

And when I tell them they don’t believe me because he looks so small.

Then their eyes start asking questions again.

“Fine,” I say to myself. “I’ll tell this one person.  I’ll go through it  one more time.”


It’s a strange thing having people stare at your child.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it.

But I am going to give all of those questioning eyes something to read from now on.  I’m going to hand them a card.

It will answer all their questions, and hopefully, get them to stop staring.

I drew several different designs, trying to keep it simple.  I figured something hand-drawn would catch people’s attention.

At first, I wanted to make them the size of an ATC, but I couldn’t fit all the words on it.

I kept re-tracing it and making changes until I liked it.

Here’s the finished design. I copied several onto cardstock and then added some bright colors with highlighter pens.

And I know a certain big sister who is ready and willing to hand them out.