Tiny Bird Cages

I had two bottle caps left over from my Christmas ornaments and I couldn’t throw them away.

I decided to make some tiny bird cages with them.

The caps were painted with white acrylic and dried grape stems (of course!) were glued inside the caps.

I made tiny birds out of pink Sculpey and set them in the tiny trees.

These are the tiniest birds I’ve ever made, only about a quarter of an inch long.

The bird was glued into the tree with a dab of hot glue.

The wire is 18 gauge–I like it because it’s easy to bend back and forth and break off without using wire cutters.

Instead of trying to create a traditional looking cage, I snipped some off and let it retain it’s spiral shape.

One end of the spiral was fitted around the cap and glued on with Gorilla Glue.

I tapered the spirals and made a hook at the top.

Cotton was stuffed down into the cap and baby pink yarn was wrapped around it.

I tied on pink ribbon and hung a silver heart from the top.

Valentine’s Day is only 3 weeks away!

We’ve been busy making ornaments for our Valentine’s tree using only craft scraps and stuff around the house.  I hope you’ll come back and see it.

Have a great week!



More Mini Canvases with Fiber Paste and Paper Clay

Just like my last mini canvases I covered these with fiber paste.  This time I also sprinkled them with sparkly fine glitter while they were still wet and set painted dried grape stems on top.

My kids are so funny! Every time they finish up a bunch of grapes they smile big and ask, “You want these stems, Mom?”

Of course I do!

I also swirled a spot of blue paint, and I mean a tiny spot, into the wet paste to give it the softest hint of blue.

Then I sculpted a little blue bird from paper clay and painted it the same soft blue when it was dry.   Then I glued it on so that it looks as if it’s perched on a snowy branch…

I added on words cut from book text and brushed some of the paste over the edges.

Here’s a winged heart about to take off in flight (or that’s the look I was going for anyway).



Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Creating things is a much needed outlet for me right now, but it’s even more enjoyable when people come to visit!

Up next…my daughter finally talked me into creating a Valentine’s tree.  More to come!