Small Notebooks Wrapped Up for Valentine’s Day

On the clearance aisles of office supply and craft stores, you’ll often find inexpensive notebooks. I found these tiny pink notebooks on a clearance aisle at Office Depot for .70.  I wrapped them with glassine kraft paper, ribbon, crepe paper flowers, crochet lace, and some cuts of old pink sweater (I used cuts of this same sweater in a former post).  It only took a few minutes to turn these inexpensive notebooks into lovely Valentine gifts!


IMG_4175IMG_4182Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!


Baby Food Jar Valentine’s

I have so many baby food jars around here!

I decided to re-use them for Valentine’s Day.

After running them through the ‘sanitize” cycle of the dishwasher, they can be filled to the brim with tiny treats.

I wrapped strips of cardstock around the entire jar, topped them with color-coordinating flowers, and then added small stamped tags. 

Super easy and super cute! Have a great weekend!

Valentine’s Day Tags

This tag came on an ornament I received.  I always notice the tags on retail items since I love to collect all different sorts of shapes to use as templates. I loved the shape of this tag and I’ve never seen a paper punch this shape, so I tucked it away in my box of tags.  It has such a lovely look, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I found the fancy buttons on the clearance aisle of the craft store.  To use buttons like these on something flat, just push the center out (very easy), clip of the button ring off the back with scissors, and glue center back on. I found some romantic words in my old French dictionary and added one on each tag.

I think they look especially good tied on a box of Godiva chocolates…