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          “Her tears fell with the dews at even; Her tears fell ere the dews were dried; She could not look on the sweet heaven Either at morn or eventide.”   ~from “Mariana” by Tennyson.

Baby Knox, Painting

Healing Wind

The inspiration for this painting came from the lines from Richard Aldington’s poem: “O Death, Thou art an healing wind That blowest over white flowers…”   Once again, my friend found a large canvas in a dumpster. This is how it looked when he found it. It’s 24” x 48″. […]

Mixed-Media Art

Dancer in White

I was sorting through some scraps and happened to notice one in particular. It had a really nice oval shape of torn paper left on it…. Sometimes, your trash can be so inspiring! I found an old sketch of a dancer on vellum. We did a unit years ago on the […]