Little Turtle By the Sea


Another baby turtle for a special little girl in Germany. Her mother gave me some of her favorites to work from: the colors pink and purple, and the sea-side with sunshine and seashells.

Just like the baby turtle with cheetah print that I painted for Miss B in California, this turtle was custom designed.  It makes me so happy to paint these little turtles.  I feel Knox close to me and I get so much joy from being able to give something to the amazing children we’ve met from all over the world.

The base is a 6″ x 6″ wrapped canvas.  The design was painted in acrylic with details added using a ZIG pen ( .o3), and then the piece was coated 3 times with gloss varnish.










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I painted a scene from my trip to Liverpool in June. I’ll be posting the process photos and the finished result next.

See all of my sketches, photos, and works in progress on my FB page.

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turtle on the beach 1

Julie with her painting 1

Ladybugs and Toadstools

These are some drawings I did recently. Not sure what to do with them yet.  They were drawn with ZIG pens onto old blank book pages and then colored with pencils.

I flipped through some books and found some cute phrases that went along with the drawings.  Maybe I could get them printed up as  cards for Knox’s Etsy shop?




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Turtle Girl II

Each time I draw a girl finding a turtle it turns out a little bit different from the time before.  I’m having *fun* so I’m just going to keep going with these turtle girls.  Just like my first Turtle Girl from last week, I transferred my design from the sketchbook to the canvas. This time it’s a 6″ X 6″ gallery wrapped canvas.

Using my *favorite pencils ever* (Derwent Inktense) I colored in the design nice and bright.

Pretty turtle with a rainbow shell…

Added some rosy cheeks to the turtle…

I sponged on some Distress Inks for a light colored background…

Heavy on the edges…

Added some details and outlining with a ZIG  pen…

And now for just one more thing.

A paper crown…

For the princess? Nope.

For the turtle….

This little turtle painting is available in my Etsy shop.  All proceeds from my shop go to research for my son’s rare disease called Cockayne Syndrome. There are around 150 children in the world known to have this rare premature aging condition, probably many more that are undiagnosed. Please pass on the link to my shop if you know anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

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