A Blank Book for “Illustrated Proverbs 31”


blank book 1

Is there anything as irresistible as a blank book?   When I see a plain cover filled with empty white  pages, a thousand and one ideas come flooding into my mind.  When I saw this one in Hobby Lobby a few months ago, I had to have it.  The cover of this book is sturdy and thick; the surface is very porous-perfect for painting!  The pages are great,too.  They are made from a thick watercolor paper with unfinished edges.  Every square inch of it was just waiting …

Blank Book 2

It didn’t take me long to decide on the perfect theme for this book–Proverbs 31.  During last year’s presidential election I read, studied, and memorized this incredible passage anew.  What better way to honor this passage than to illustrate it?  

blank book 3

I used acrylics, and Prismacolor markers, glitter pens and a white gel pen for the writing.  For this book, I’m going to stick with a very hand-made look-no text print outs.  I want this one to be written in my own unremarkable handwriting.  This book is so much fun to work on! It lends itself perfectly to all sorts of media.

 blank book 4

  The paper doll on top of the mounds of rubies is a vintage paper doll I found on the internet last Christmas.  She looked pretty virtuous to me 🙂  You can’t tell from the pictures, but the rubies are heavily painted with glitter pens and they really sparkle!

blank book 5

 I  pray that the Lord will cement the truths of this beautiful passage deep into my heart as I work on this. Perhaps it will be passed down through many generations after I’m gone and serve as a reminder to the future women in my family of God’s picture of the virtuous woman.  I’m only posting the first three pages because that’s all I have finished right now.  Stay tuned for more pages from the Illustrated Proverbs 31!

blank book 6

blank book 7


  1. That is AMAZING. What a creative idea! I am absolutely blown away by your artistry… 🙂

  2. I’m seeing lots of your “favorite color” in it, too! Love the book — and the theme.

  3. I also enjoy blank books, be they notebooks or sketch pads. What a great idea to illustrate Scripture!

    I had a lot of fun this evening. Thanks for letting me tag along! 😀

  4. I can’t remember the last time I saw something so creative and so beautiful. I have never seen scripture presented in this way. Thank you!

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