The Metaphysics of Cornelius Van Til


Cornelius Van Til was a professor at Westminster Theological Seminary for 43 years.  This piece attempts to give a more colorful visual reference for his metaphysical views regarding Christian theism.

“Van Til . . . always taught that a Christian worldview should be represented by two circles (for Creator and creature), clearly distinct from one another, with the larger one (representing God) on top.

— John Frame, Cornelius Van Til:  An Analysis of His Thought, (Phillipsburg, NJ:  Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1995), p. 27.

Here is my attempt to show Van Til’s “Creator-Creature” distinction in paint.  As a visual learner, creating art about esoteric philosophical concepts helps me learn and remember them.

Thanks for stopping by to see my art! If you’re interested in this piece, see pricing here.





  1. Hi Scarlett – how fascinating … wonderful to read about and then to see your creations – almost stained glass like … so glad you’re enjoying the course, and sharing some of it with us – cheers Hilary

    • Thanks so much, Hilary. I can only imagine what it must be like to hop over here to my site as a long time viewer. Once, it was only one forlorn drawing after the next, and now onto such academic minutiae! You are a sweetheart to put up with such bizarre variety over this span of time (now 5 years?) . I’ll be over to visit soon!

  2. Sasha hedges

    How did you keep the paint in such a perfect circle, without going over the edges?? Did you cut the circles out afterwards? Really love this! X

    • Hi Sasha,
      I used a stencil to keep the paint in the circle. But your idea of cutting it out afterwards would work, too! Thanks so much, have a blessed day!

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