Tissue Stain Hearts

A simple craft kids love: tissue staining!

All you need is some sturdy paper, bleeding art tissue, a water bottle and an old paintbrush.

Cut up the tissue in pieces and place on your paper any which way.

Spray with water and use an old paintbrush to press the pieces down so the color from the tissue stains the paper.

Take off the wet tissue and the paper is stained with pretty colors.

Now this was perfect, but my young artist is exactly like her mama.  She decided it needed MORE blue and green.

She always over-does it. Just. Like. Me.

And of course little bro. decided he just wanted the whole thing green at this point.

To make these hearts really fabulous, we mixed up 3 different glitter colors to coat the edges. 

Tomorrow we’re gonna be stampin’ up a storm. We’ve got lots of cards to make!

 Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!  🙂

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