Turning Art Postcards into Thank-You Cards

I was running short on”thank-you” cards after Christmas so I decided to turn some of my art postcards into “thank-you’s” by stamping on them.  Instead of just stamping right on the card surface, I tried somethin’ different.

I rolled a section of white-out onto the card…

…scraped some of it off around the edges with scissors…

…and then, using a q-tip,  I rubbed in some distressing inks.

I tried to pick up some of the colors in the card, dark around the edges and lighter in the middle.

Then I stamped a small “thank-you” on it. 

Be sure and use a solvent based ink, like Staz-On, if you try this.  I used dye ink at first and you can see on the card below that it started to bleed.

This technique proved useful in making my art cards appropriate for all recipients–haha! I love baby tushies,  but I’ve learned over time that not everyone appreciates bare bums in the mail. Here’s an example of one I disguised. 

 (My sincere apologies Ms. Cassatt)

I think it looks kind of cool, especially on these impressionist art cards. It almost looks like the image  has worn away. 

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. ooooh awesome ideas!

    I’m the type of person who would hang onto stuff like that, cos I know I’d love them, but just wouldn’t know what to do with them! Your so innovative!

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