Turtle Girl 5″ x 7″ Painting

I transferred this quick little sketch onto a “5 x 7” canvas.

I blocked in the design with some light acrylic colors and found some text I liked. I left out the big moon in the background because I thought it would be too much yellow.

Added in some details with a pen.

*Favorite Pencils Ever*

These pencils are water soluble but they color beautifully right onto the page.  But the real magic comes when you blend over them with a water-pen. The colors are amazing!  The larger set comes with a non-soluble out-liner so you can sketch your drawing without worrying about the water washing it away.  You can even layer on more color after it’s dried.

I colored with the pencils right over the paint and then blended with my water-pen.  The only thing I didn’t color was the turtle because I wanted it to look illuminated, like moonlight was shining on it.

I made some tiny star stamps out of pencil erasers. I used my ZIG .005 pen to draw stars on the tips…


Then I carved the stars with my small exacto knife.  It slices through erasers like butta’.

This painting is available in my Etsy shop, where all proceeds go to Cockayne Syndrome research.

Linking up with Paint Party Friday for the first time! Check out more wonderful paintings over at their site:

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful piece!! I love the eraser stamping you used.

  2. So sweet; I like the eraser stamping idea! It just makes me smile!

  3. I love how you used the water-soluble ink pencils right on top of your paint. I’ve been dabbling with that technique lately with watercolor pencils but the effect is so subtle. Your color here is so vivid–I’ve got to check out these ink pencils! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Renee Zarate

    I love that stamping idea and the illuminated turtle! Lovely.

  5. i just love my inktense pencils!!! they are so creamy and blendable! i have about 1000 other supplies but they are always my go-to for color.
    love your sweet drawing and the pencil eraser stamps are brilliant! will definitely give that a try!

  6. Love it as always and the eraser stamps are the coolest…just one more way your brain works differently than mine!

  7. Very sweet painting!! Good job… Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Great idea with the eraser stamps………..and your painting has beautiful meanings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. I love your painting! Thanks for sharing the process. The eraser stamps are so cool. Never would have thought of that. Happy PPF!

  10. Your drawing shows all the compassion and care she is feeling for this little turtle. Well done dear…

  11. You should do an illustrated children’s book.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  12. that’s lovely. your turtle is adorable.

  13. oh I am so glad you linked up finally! If you can take the time, I would go through that link list and connect with all by the end of the week. There are usually around 90 and then they can see your gorgeous pics and maybe hit your etsy! I so wish I could be your number one etsy buyer, but we’re on a tight tight budget…hence all the garbage art! oh, I am rambling!

    I love using erasers too. I have not done it in some time, so I must do so again! The kids will love it too! You’re always such an inspiration.

  14. Okay, lady! Another BRILLIANT piece and description of how to create it! I have never thought to use erasers as stamps – I mean, they are my favorite dot making tool 😉 but to cut out stars with them! LOVE it, and I never knew that about the pencils too – plus, that picture of your zig pen is gorgeous. xoxoxo

  15. Such warm and lovely painting! So lovely.

  16. It’s a wonderful idea to make rubber stamps with the pencil!
    It’s better that my children doesn’t see it or I am damaged!
    You paint very well!
    Good Saturday.

  17. Thank you so much for a beautiful, helpful post. Your end result is beautiful! I can’t tell if it is her eyes or her posture that relay her compassion but you have done it well! Lovely!

  18. So beautiful…the artwork, the message, your generosity in sharing the techniques, and all for a good cause. Your big heart is beautiful.

  19. What a beautiful piece…I love that turtle and it does look illuminated… 🙂

    What a great idea with the eraser ends!!! I have done it with wine corks but the erasers would give a tiny stamp!!!

    Have a lovely weekend with the family !!


  20. Scarlett, you pieces always have such encouraging and caring messages. This is no exception. It is such a creative piece. Love the pencil eraser stamp idea! All my best, Connie

  21. Scarlett ~ She and the turtle are delightful and so creative ~ love your art style ~ and thanks for sharing the process ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  22. I agree with your friend Lee – a children’s book it should be! You manage to capture often with only a few simple lines exactly what we want to see..and feel. It’s a treasure to have “found” you!

  23. Lovely painting!

  24. This is so so sweet! I love the saying and seeing your process. I adore Inktense pencils too…the colors make me swoon. 🙂 I was using another inexpensive brand before and it was NOT the same. I always look forward to seeing what you create!! xoxoxo

  25. You are so creative with those eraser stamps! Very cute painting.

  26. Sweet painting, I love how you did the stars! And nice, inspiring background music!

  27. loved that you showed us every step… seeing how other people work is always fascinating and so glad to have found your blog… you do great stuff and I look forward to my next visit…xx

  28. I love this! I also love how you made mini stamps out of pencils. I have the inktense sticks and love them. Didn’t know about the pencils though! Very cool. Have an awesome rest of the weekend! xo

  29. Hi Scarlett .. great connections – and I love the little girl, her starry sky and that turtle all lit up by the moon .. just such a creative idea.

    Derwent pencils remind me of the Lake District and England.. we used to have those for Christmas .. sometimes with our names, or initials on them – plain and coloured (when they came out!) .. real treats!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend .. cheers Hilary

  30. She is so adorable! I use erasers for carving out stamps, too. 🙂

  31. Scarlett, your step by step tutorial is wonderful. I love the finished art work. Beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering your sweet comments.

  32. Wonderful painting! Thanks for showing the entire process. You have convinced me that I should get a set of Inktense pencils, and I am definitely trying to carve some eraser stamps. Brilliant idea there.

  33. Fantastic drawing and painting! 🙂

    I too like those inktense color pencils, I use them nearly every time..

    I just love your turtle and so smart to make the stars like you showed us.. 🙂 I also like what you have written on the canvas! 🙂

  34. This is stunning! I agree- Inktense rock! You have such great lines and shading and colors on it!

  35. Ohhh, that sweet turtle! I love it! 🙂 And what a fun idea doing the stars like that. You are so crafty! And now I feel really tempted to get those inktense pencils! 🙂

  36. Great details! Water pen…how cool is that! I love the magic of all the details~Thanks for sharing! I want a water pen ;D
    You illuminated the turtle, so well. This piece really shines~

  37. Oh my God, this is so beautiful! The turtle is such a cutie and it’s so lovely to see the work in progress. Making stamps out of those little erasers, that’s such a great idea!

  38. mandy snow


  39. Love the fluidity of your lines. Awesome colour blending.

  40. Welcome to PPF!!! 🙂

    Your painting is so sweet and brilliant idea on the pencil eraser stamps!!!!

  41. Thank you for sharing your process of this beautiful painting. I like the colors you used here – perfect!

  42. Clever! And I really like that music in the background.

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