Turtle Mini Canvas

This little drawing in my sketch book was perfect for a mini canvas.

I drew on the design in pen first…

Started adding some color on with my Inktense pencils…

Let the fun begin with the water-pen…

Added in detail and outline with pen…

Added a bit more green to the background…

And the butterfly has asked the turtle to…

This tiny canvas is listed in my Etsy shop for CS research.

Please pass on the link to anyone you know who may be interested!

It’s a small endeavor with a big heart.  🙂


Thanks for coming by and Happy Tuesday!


  1. This is such a sweet piece. Those pens look pretty fun. I’ve never tried them. Take care and have a wonderful week, Connie

  2. So sweet and friendly! 😀

  3. Where do you find a water pen? I need to try this! Adorable!!

    • @Stephanie –I found my water-pens at Michael’s near the rubber stamp inks. They were clearanced, though, sort of like they were going to be discontinued, so if I were you I’d just look online. It makes coloring with water soluble pencils and crayons really fun and easy! Thanks for visiting, Stephanie!

  4. I love the turtle! So talented!

  5. Um, WHY don’t I have a water pen!?
    This is my new favorite of the turtle canvases – the colors are so bright and he is SO stinkin cute!!! Love the text too, xoxox!

  6. The turtle is darling! I just ordered one watercolor pens and a set of your fav pencils on Amazon.


    • @Nancy –Cool! You are going to LOVE those pencils when you start to blend, the colors are sooooo pretty. 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  7. Your little painting really captures the sweetness of this butterfly and turtle. Adorable dear…

  8. Renee Zarate

    I love the way they are looking in each others eyes! Very precious.

  9. I love the endearing charm of your turtles and butterflies~ 😀

  10. oh I LOVE this awesome turtle and butterfly, so beautiful!

    Great work!

  11. Hi Scarlett – oh please come out and play .. but I keep my house with me all the time .. such a great thought .. and story to be told around them …

    Cheers Hilary

  12. So darling…something about turtles …you are very talented. happy Thursday.

  13. So adorable! Perfect for a shy little someone who may be ready to come out of their shell. You know how some people are intimidated by large canvases? I’m terrified of the mini canvas, haha. You need a delicate hand like yours to do it well.

  14. Aww… this is so, so sweet! Love the words. Adorable piece!!

  15. I love it ! What a sweet little turtle & butterfly:))

    Kay Ellen

  16. love this turtle Scarlett!

  17. This is such a cute painting Scarlett!!! The butterfly and turtle looking at each other are just adorable. I love using the watercolor pencils. They’re so much fun. All the best. ~Sophia

  18. Hi there, did you use a regular mini canvas, or did you buy watercolor canvas?

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