Unicorns of the Sea

Art Inspired by Genetic Variability

 The diversity is incomprehensible! When we look at the natural world–air, land, and sea–there appears to be limitless variations of shape, form, color, and texture.  As an artist and a Christian, I believe the vast array of creativity in the natural world is best explained as the work of The First Artist. The book of Genesis says that God created the universe and everything in it—An impossible task for unguided, mindless processes: a supernatural snap for an omniscient God.

As the author of all life, God frontloaded DNA with the capacity for variations within kinds of creatures. A ‘kind’ is the equivalent to the ‘family’ level of taxonomic classification. This explains the many different kinds of dogs within the canidae family (dog kind) and the many kinds of horses within the Equidae family (horse kind), etc.

New species of creatures are discovered every year, but no new kinds; The diversity within families points to a creative mind! By the way, did you catch this new species of fish discovered last year: Tosanoides aphrodite ? Gorgeous!

God originally created animals according to their kinds (Genesis 1:25). A male and female produce offspring that may differ from the parents in some ways, but the baby will always be the same kind as the parents. A male and female narwhal, for example, may be darker or paler, or have more or less spots, but the baby will always be a narwhal.

I created some colorful narwhal art collages, inspired by a quote by Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson:

“With millions of DNA differences—massive amounts of DNA variety—encoded into each kind from the start of their existence, the potential for speciation is mind-boggling.”

I had fun imagining the possibility of encountering narwhals with golden tusks or with colorful skin and metallic spots. God created so many magnificent creatures with astounding genetic variability, you never know what we might find!

(Acrylic glass printing and collage on Bristol vellum)

The 5th Day

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by to see my art!


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