Uno Que Falta (One Missing)

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Over the last 18 months, I’ve continued to use art and painting to process the loss of my young son.

This painting is another attempt to convey my feelings.  It’s simple, really. Having three living children does not diminish the loss of my youngest.

Geese often represent providence in Christian art.  Surrounded by these three geese, which represent my living children, I’m forced to face the realization that the same God who gives, also takes away.  Attempting to answer the unanswerable questions that come with tragedies such as this, I’ve often turned my back to faith and held onto sorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art. ~Scarlett

uno que falta 1


  1. Dear Scarlett – I feel for you over your loss of your young son – we wonder why some things happen to us … and for what reason. It’s difficult to consider the positives from life … but for those who remain need us and we have changed and thus are able to support others in their trials and tribulations. Life is a gift and we need to rejoice in it … while appreciating and understanding loss. You’ve expressed it so well here – with thoughts Hilary

  2. Amanda Flannery

    This a sad and beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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