Valentine Mini Canvas With Quiver and Arrows

This girl is a blogger in the making and no mistake.

My daughter recently started a notebook entitled “Blue, Purple, and Scarlett” in which she is compiling ideas for my blog.

Is that cool or what? Guess I can sit back and relax now that I have a project manager.

She showed me one of her ideas and ‘suggested’ I make it right away.

She drew a tiny quiver full of arrows with the words:  be brave.

That’s my girl. 

I took a mini canvas and covered it with Fiber Paste and sprinkled it with glitter just like I did with my other Mini Canvases.

A small piece of tea-dyed muslin was soaked in fabric stiffener and wrapped around a glue stick.

When it was dry it formed the base for the miniature quiver.

For the arrows, tiny arrowheads and…whatever the things are on the other ends… were made from paper clay and stuck onto the ends of toothpicks.

Red paint!

A few stitches to hold the quiver together.

A heart of paper clay stamped with handwriting.

More red paint!

The words were printed out using “Courier New” font.

The quiver was filled up with tiny arrows and one arrow was glued at the bottom.

This one’s for you sweet girl.  I Love You!   ~ Mom



  1. Her idea and your hands: a wonderful combination, such a good match 🙂
    I love the idea and it turned out soooo beautiful!

  2. This is so sweet! Your combined efforts are beautiful~
    How fun to have a future blogger for your project manager!
    So fun~

  3. Your daughter has learned from the best. Love her idea and your interpretation of it. I look forward to more.

  4. All I can do is smile, big smile. Perfect collaboration..

  5. I truly love this! How creative and beautiful it is – GREAT JOB!

  6. The apple never falls far from the tree! Love it.

  7. You are one lucky artist to have a gifted project manager with such insightful ideas to share! I think it turned out wonderfully, I love every bit of it! t.xoxo

  8. Love it! She’s a beautiful girl, just like her mother… inside and out. You’ll have many precious times to look back on; treasure each moment as they come. Love, sue

  9. So gorgeous! I love it! I think I’m gonna make a set of these for my kiddos. Thank you for sharing. Your work is always so pretty, whimisical, and inspiring. This one made me happy when I saw it.

  10. Floy Height

    Love it! Sveva reminds me of Megan, who ALWAYS had a list for me to do! My constant muse, if I ever ran out of ideas to create, Megan always “needed” something. Sveva will be a great artist!

  11. Such amazing creativity…you both blow me away! I’m pretty new to your blog and am always delighted with your posts.

  12. This is so wonderful! I especially love the arrows, they are so detailed. Did your daughter feel that it came out just as she had envisioned? I always receive such inspiration from your work, thanks for sharing.

    • @Renee –Well, she always has a bit of critique for me, lol, like “I would’ve done it this way, mom..” But yes, she thought it turned out cute! I appreciate your comments, Renee, thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. It is no surprise your Baby Girl is creative…she takes after you…:) What a cute idea!!! Love those arrows!!! 🙂

  14. So adorable…your sweet girl does take after you! xoxo

  15. Everything you do just amazes me. It is so nice to go to your website and enjoy your creativity while listening to such wonderful music. It brings a real sense of peace to my heart. Thank you so much.

    • @Joi –Thank you so much, I miss seeing you and your family in speech this year. Hope you all are well and I’m so glad you like the projects on here, hope we can see ya’ll sometime soon! 🙂

  16. oh my goodness, you two are quite a team! Fabulous!!!

  17. Mom & Daughter…what a great team. And can I just say, that photo at the top…hello? BEAUTIFUL girl! Oh, she’s a strong one..I can tell.

    How are you? Hope you are ok and hanging in there babe ~ talk to you soon – I am crashing on the couch these days…so tired from the move! xoxo

  18. Absolutely beautiful!!! Your daughter has inherited your talent!!! This is so wonderful! I love it!!! ~Sophia

  19. I love everything about this, especially the words. xo

  20. Hi Scarlett .. fantastic – that your daughter had the idea and you did it! Brilliant to see – a delight – thank you .. hugs Hilary

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