1. How Cool! Now how did you do that!?

  2. oooh, now now share the love 😉 pretty please?

  3. Ooh, clever. Do teach, please!

    I’m planning on giving my daughter’s daycare teachers some homemade chocolate, and these valentine oreo cookies would be so lovely as an addition. Pretty please?

    ps.: I tried to send you an email asking about your little guy’s recovery from his eye surgery, but I don’t think replying to your comment worked. I hope things are well with him, he’s always in my prayers.

    • Thanks!
      You can just use Gum Paste–it comes premixed and ready to shape/cut . It’s by Wilton and I get it at Hobby Lobby. It comes white and you can add icing colors to it and knead the color into it and then shape it however you want and just press it onto something edible! Pretty fun!

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for baby K. I don’t know why the comment thing didn’t work? He is healing well and both eyes have stayed clear so far!! We are so thankful. Thanks again for thinking of him <3

  4. Those are awesome picts.!!!! 🙂 You’re so creative!

  5. This is beyond sweet~!
    I am happy to see you mention Baby K’s eyes are healing and staying clear!
    I have been praying for him; xXx

    Thanks for your thoughtful post~

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