In Paris

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

I’ve been out of town with my little angel, Knox. He had eye surgery last week and we are now home.  This was the first of two operations he’s having to implant artificial lenses in his eyes.  He was born with cataracts in both eyes and had to have his lenses removed when he was just a few weeks old.   I’m so excited and thankful that he will have the opportunity to see more of the world around him!

I should have my second glass mosaic up on here to show you mid-week. Thanks for visiting~



  1. So sweet! There is nothing better than being kissed in Paris….oh la la. 🙂
    I love a project that is not limited to a particular holiday, you really accomplished that. Very romantic card.

  2. Hi Scarlett, lovely postcard!

    I hope the surgery went well for little Knox! Hugs to you all!

  3. Beautiful Scarlett! Paris always means romance to me-someday, I hope to go there~

    I’m excited Knox is going to see better! A beautiful gift, for a boy who has been through so much 😀 Yes, all the best to you, Knox and your family!

  4. That’s wonderful news; glad to hear Knox will be able to see better! Praying that all goes well and for comfort during the healing process.

  5. Thankful Knox will be able to see better! Can’t wait to see the next mosaic! Lovely, romantic cards btw! Louise

  6. Hi Scarlett .. that’s wonderful that he might be able to see more of the world – and if he’s home, then he’s on the mend …

    Love the thought of Valentine postcards … cheers Hilary

  7. Sweet healing hugs for Knox and your family. Paris is the city of romance. Happy Hearts Dear…

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