Valentine’s Tree

It took a little longer than I planned, but our Valentine’s tree is finally done!

My little sweetie, Knox, has a double ear infection, so there hasn’t been a lot of time for art the last few days.  He just got started on a new antibiotic today so I sure hope it kicks in quick. My little guy has hardly slept at all (and neither has his mama).

On to the tree! The framework for our tree is a few long sticks gathered from a nearby park in our neighborhood.  I filled a pot with rocks, set it inside the urn and then stuck the sticks down into the pot.  The rocks hold the sticks in place really well.

I told my daughter before we began that we were only going to use supplies we had on hand and stuff from the recycle bin.  This is easy on the bank account and really does allow for more creativity.  I bet you could come up with a zillion other ways to make some Valentine’s ornaments with things you have around your place.  Here are some photos of the things we used to inspire you!

We cut some small hearts from a few cotton rounds from the bathroom.  They have a pretty quilted look.

Next we used the favorite go-to item from the recycle bin: paper towel rolls.

We cut off pieces about 3/4 of an inch thick and formed them into hearts.


Using hot glue, we glued three of them together and painted them with white acrylic paint.

On another paper towel roll, we covered it with some pretty scrapbook paper, and cut off pieces the same as before.

This time, however, we glued them into flowers.


We cut some larger hearts from coffee filters. They have a pretty translucent quality.

My daughter found this thinga-ma-jig from  the inside of a jewelry box and decorated it with a red marker.

She also found a piece of plastic from the recycle bin, punched out a heart, and colored it with a red Sharpie marker.

Here’s a heart punched out of the scrapbook paper and put inside a bubble wrap envelope (also found in the recycle bin).  We put the bright colored heart inside and stapled it at the top.


Larger hearts were cut from cardboard.

Small slits were made with scissors around the hearts…

Then my daughter wound ribbon around the hearts, using the slits as guides.

Here’s another one she made with a red pom-pom in the middle.

We had three of the larger hearts, plus all of these ornaments! Time to decorate our tree!

I stuffed some red tissue around the base and cut some clear fishing line to hang the ornaments onto the tree.  Some of the ornaments were  hung onto the smaller branches.

As we added ornaments on, we tied ribbons around the tops.


This was a really fun project!  I hope this inspires you and your young artists.

Up next, I’ll show you a heart-shaped wreath made from newspaper.

Thanks so much for coming by to see our tree, hope you’re having a fun-filled week so far!


  1. Hi Scarlett,
    Love the Valentine Tree! What an adorable and sweet project, I am sure you had a great time doing it. : )

  2. Love the tree, it turned out great! White, red and pink and all kinds of materials: looks awesome!

  3. I love the joy and beauty that arrives from using what you have! How beautiful it is and filled with love~

    Hope Knox gets better soon and that his medicine works! Hope you both get some much needed rest! Take Care~

  4. Wonderful tree!

    I hope Knox is better soon.

  5. OH I absolutely LOVE this idea, and how awesome that you can just decorate it to each season or holiday thats around each month! 😀

    Sorry for being a bad blogger and commenter, promise to be better from now on! 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  6. Oh I hope Knox feels better quickly, and that the new Antibiotic helps fast. I can’t imagine what a double ear infection feels like, poor baby. I do know that the numbing drops the Dr. gives does help a little, if you have some.
    I will say a prayer for him tonight before bed ~

    And – girlfriend! That Valentine tree!! It’s precious! And so big! I thought a little tree – and you made a lovely huge one. I love it, and am telling my girl we’re making one as soon as we get to the new house. All the pretty ideas! I love the hearts inside bubble wrap, and the scrapbook papers are gorgeous. It’s perfect. We have all those supplies here, we’ve been saving things like paper towel rolls, plastic lids – all because of my sweet friend Scarlett. You amaze me.

    Well – you try to get some rest, and even if it’s just to lay down on the couch for 20 minutes at a time, just put your feet up and breathe. You are going through so much emotionally. I wish I lived closer, so I could help you if you needed a Coffee buddy or just a shoulder to lean on. Talk soon, Love that Tree!! xo

  7. Very cute and creative! Love it! Hope Knox is feeling better soon! What will they do about Madilaine’s knee? Love you all,

  8. @Renee –Thanks so much! We really did have a great time, there was no pressure on this one, just creativity and fun. Thanks again for your sweet comment!
    @Anneked –You know, it wasn’t hard to find stuff to use at fact, the more we looked the more we found! There is so much great junk in our trash can! lol, thanks so much for taking a look!

    @Ella– Thanks, we had fun! And thank you for thinking of Knox, surely tonight will be better, at lease I hope so. Thanks for taking the time to come by!

    @The Golden Eagle — You are so awesome to come over, I wish I had more writing for you since I know that is your primary interest…maybe you’ll see something on this blog to include in a future book? lol, take care and thanks about Knox. 🙂

    @Annmaree –Thank you so much for stopping in, you are a much better blog reader than I, I feel like I should be the one apologizing! No worries, I’m so glad we’re still in touch! Thanks again for your sweet comment. 🙂

    @Sherri –Thanks about Knox, this is the second time he’s had the double in just a few months, no fun at all. Thanks for praying for him so much and thanks about our tree project…lol, yep it turned out a bit bigger than I expected, too, but she wanted to make so much stuff to put on it 🙂 I will try to get some rest, thanks again and I’ll be over to see what you’re up to asap.

    @Aunt Darla –Thanks, Aunt Darla, M. will be starting her physical therapy this next week..should take 2 months…until then, no tennis or any physical activity…she’s not happy about that! Thanks for coming by!

  9. What a fun project! I have been thinking of doing a tree for each different holiday too, but so far haven’t got around to it. 🙂 Now, I can’t wait to see your easter tree – if you are making one that is! 😀
    Wishing you a good day, and hope Knox is doing better!

  10. Hi Scarlett,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I hope your little guy is feeling better. When my daughter was young there was nothing worse than an ear infection! Nobody got any rest. I remember at times I used to just break down and cry. Hang in there.
    Wishing you a good day!
    Warmth, Renee

  11. Melanie Keel

    Sorry about M. and K. not feeling well! The valentine trees is absolutely adorable. What a treat to watch it being built…Happy Valentine’s to all the Clay’s big and small, well and sick. Hope all are well soon! Love you, Aunt Mel.

  12. How wonderful your valentine tree is!! And I especially like it in front of the mirror. Have a great day !

  13. Great idea. I love how you involve your kiddos!! What a wonderful family project!

    • @Emily–Hi! Thanks so much, glad you liked this project, it was SUPER fun. 🙂
      Glad you came over and have a great weekend! Scarlett

    • @Emily–Thank you! Yep, this was a low stress project, great for a rainy day and little hands! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you’ll come again. 🙂

  14. Thinking of Knox and you…hope you are both feeling better and rested. You know I love any craft I can do with the kids. We do trees for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I think we may have to copy this for Valentines Day! Kara was asking me about crafting tonight. I’m all in!

  15. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! xoxoxo

  16. Scarlett, your creative ideas are amazing! I love how you used recycled things from the house! This is such a fantastic project. It looks like it was lots of fun to do. Thanks for sharing!!! ~Sophia

    • @Sophia, you are so awesome to come by and leave so many wonderful and sweet comments! I’m glad you liked this project, we really had a great time making it and I didn’t spend a dime! Have a great weekend!

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