1. So evocative in its simplicity. The muted colors and the wind speak to me of sadness, but the little white flowers speak of hope. I love it.

  2. It’s beautiful Scarlett!

  3. Floy Height

    You say so much with a few strokes.

  4. Beautiful Scarlett!! I love the simplicity of this piece and wind swept hair. ~Sophia

  5. Scarlett,
    You talent knows no bounds. I love your style, so uncomplicated.
    By the way, how much weight have you lost? I hope you have started eating again.
    You work is gorgeous just like you.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks so much for your kind words. I lost 5o lbs in 2012 so I could have more energy and feel better for Knox. He will always be my inspiration to make healthy choices from now on. Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by. ~Scarlett

  6. Lovely and perfectly titled. Your art always brings me joy. Thank you dear…

  7. holly osborn

    I must agree with Floy this picture say’s a thousand words, as does all of your beautiful work. You are a gift to us all!!

  8. Hi Scarlett – you looked so good when I saw you last year .. and I’m sure that helped you with Knox – he was and is so special. And yes I am sure he’ll continue to inspire you with healthy ways of life …

    The muted colours reminds me in some ways of the trees in Cornwall – they’re always bent and gnarly from the wind … but I can imagine sitting out in a meadow with the wind brushing over me and my clothes whispering through the grasses and wild flowers .. lovely.

    Cheers Hilary

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